Unlock Unlimited Sales Performance With Smarter Lead Scoring And Allocation

Unlock Unlimited Sales Performance With Smarter Lead Scoring And Allocation
Business revenue grows on sales, paved from engagement and driven by leads. 

Quick and strong sales growth depends on sales teams actively working on the right leads at the right time. Misidentification and misallocation of leads can be expensive for sales and marketing in terms of lost opportunities, campaign resource wastage etc. 

How can marketing and sales increase qualified leads, boost sales and be more productive?

Lead scoring assigns values to actions that a prospect takes, helping teams to judge the conversion probability of a customer early on.

Sample actions of leads

  • For every action, numerical points ranging from 0 to 75 can be assigned.
  • Request demo or valid contact sales forms can be directly assigned 100 points as it indicates true intent.
  • Every email unsubscribed or opt-out will have -100 points.

Allocate right, profit twice with automation and AI:
Not every leads and sales reps are born equal. Matching the right lead with the right rep is critical for establishing the right connects. This is where smart automation and AI comes in.

Having a long lead pipeline is exciting. But, manually combing and allocating leads will drown you in data. Robotic Automation with AI in a unified CRM solution will quickly filter through a massive database and discover the leads that are most relevant to you. AI allows you to use a quality score to filter junk leads. It also helps in smart allocation with rules pertaining to parameters like:

  • Skillset
  • Experience (rookie to veteran, 0 to 10+ etc.)
  • Catchment areas etc. (Pin code, Territories, distance)
  • Location (GPS coordinates for the rep closest to the lead)
Along with intelligent analytics like:
  • Conversion rate efficiency
  • Conversion ratio
  • Responsiveness
  • Activity level (for instance through activity updates inside CRM, integration with LinkedIn Sales Navigator etc.)

Having the right mixture of lead scoring and allocation can increase sales conversions by 45%. Sales teams know to prioritize and target high quality leads. Marketing and sales teams visions are aligned as they both are now targeting the same group.

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