Banking CRM: Why Digital is Critical for Relationship Managers

Relationship Managers (RMs) are a restless bunch.

They are always on the lookout for ways to get closer to a customer's hearts and wallets.

How can digital banking CRM become the perfect conduit for building a profitable, personalized and exciting engagement?

1. Holistic customer 360 degree action center
Fragmentation of customer data across multiple systems increases screen hopping. When a sales rep have a discussion with a prospect, it is important to have a detailed view of the transactional history, previous purchases, engagement with the recent promotional campaigns etc.

Best in class CRM for banks creates a unified customer view by collating and analyzing data from multiple systems through seamless integrations. Real time display of product holdings,trade finance, activities and account intelligence empowers relationship managers from a single window.

2. Proactive account management with performance modelers
Relationship Managers can access real time pipelines and stake holders can actively plan engagement enhancing activities. They can identify high value accounts so that they can be given higher priority.

Smart performance management tools inside CRM for banking can help stakeholders plan targets and intelligently calculate the number activities needed to achieve the targets. With the help of effective performance management, business teams can set budgeted planning and tracking with current account holders.

3. Account onboarding
With the help of CRM in banking, RMs can implement end to end onboarding for customers with integrated processes on a unified platform. Automated eKYC processes will ensure strict compliance with FATCA, AML and other requirements.

Pattern based integrations will eliminate multi window hopping through multiple systems including DWH, backoffice and core banking systems. Quick action buttons on a single screen can deliver quick turnaround for service requests.

4. Marketing 360 degree
A smart CRM solution with inbuilt campaign designer can automate and execute multi channel, multi wave campaigns with tight budget and expense controls. Relationship Managers (RMs) can track multiple parameters like leads generated, cost per lead, campaign ROI etc.

RMs can target dynamic or static lists based on requirements. The right promotional offers can be delivered to the right audience through intelligent cross sell modelers.

5. Personalized cross selling
Based on account intelligence analyzed in algorithmic modelers, RMs can deliver personalized offers across channel. Real time alerts from various systems integrated to provide event based triggering such as large deposits, channel usage, etc lays the foundation for building a profitable relationship.

Sales forecasting can only be done by the existing sales team once you are well aware about your current customer portfolio, new client prospects through multiple touch points. Intelligent data analytics provides useful insights for running targeted mail campaigns & other sales related activities.

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