Amplify Your Marketing with Powerful Omnichannel Campaigns

Amplify Your Marketing with Powerful Omnichannel Campaigns

Gone are the days when the marketers used to bombard prospects with product information and then make a guesswork of  potential customers reached and leads warmed for follow-ups. 

The million dollar question that marketers are asking themselves is: “Are we getting good enough returns for all our investments?”

The beauty of technology-and-data-driven marketing is the ability to optimally plan your marketing efforts, eliminate effort duplicity and reduce budget overheads. Real time dashboards in a marketing CRM helps you to analyse how your marketing efforts are shaping your business and adding to your margins.

Marketing activities backed by data analytics are a game changer in an increasingly competitive landscape. Customers today expect the involvement of automation and artificial intelligence at every step of their engagement journey. For them, automation  doesn’t stop just at some programmed algorithms. 
Powerful CRM for marketing platforms with campaign designers can handle the huge customer or target databases seamlessly and multiple campaigns simultaneously and take the automation to next level.

For example, you are participating in a global product launch event and you want to target multi regional audiences.  How are you going to seamlessly set multiple campaigns across regions and languages?

Through an omnichannel Marketing CRM that has an intelligent campaign designer. 

How can a CRM create better marketing campaigns ?  

1.  By creating a segmented target lists
Sales is powered by leads and service is powered by solutions. Marketing, on the other hand, is powered by customer segmentation. Marketing module in a unified CRM platform, helps you to create dynamic target lists through drag and drop workflow designer that adds leads based on predefined user actions such as mailers clicked or read and links clicked etc. 

You can also create static target lists that create leads from existing lead, contact and account records. A powerful CRM for marketing will apply predictive analytics for generating lead quality scores and deploying customizable templates that cater the individual tastes of one customer.

2. Create, execute and manage multichannel, multiwave campaigns
Today, customers of your business are global. Your CRM for marketing needs to have the capability to run targeted campaigns across regions and languages.

A great marketing CRM has a powerful campaign designer with a drag and drop interface that simplifies and automates multi step, multi channel campaigns. Pre-defined templates or AI driven customizable ones deploy personalized offers through several waves of targeted mailers in a single window.

3. Auto-allocation of quality leads
Leads captured through campaigns can be allocated automatically using configurable business rules, including location, product and expertise. There is also an  option of manual allocations for contacts and leads. 

Assigning scores to leads through intelligent analytics will significantly boost the quality of leads. Powerful business rules can then auto allocate them the right team or sales professional to quick follow and nurturing, significantly boosting conversion rates. 

4. Analyzing executed campaigns
Marketing campaigns that are un-quantifiable are worthless. Analyzing campaigns to check the count of delivery, reads, clicks and recorded conversions through customizable reports and dashboards will give real time 
ROI intelligence for your marketing budgets.

Actionable insights into campaign performance can be generated and reports can be built with for smarter campaign execution.

Benefits to your business:

1. Alignment with sales
The gaps between sales and marketing can be eliminated by using an agile and scalable CRM software. You can map marketing objectives to sales goals and close the loop between leads generated by marketing and conversions through sales. Shorten sales cycles faster with outbound predictive dialling, context sensitive screen popping, and integrated reporting and workflow.

2. Boost campaign ROI
By incorporating sales strategies into marketing planning, you can trace sales revenues back to marketing campaigns, systematically break down lead capture and conversion rates, monitor campaign performance in real-time with easy-to-use analytics and customizable reports.

3. Right message at right time 
Customers hate non-relevant marketing messages with passion. When brands across industries are combating each other for customer attention, it becomes important for you to execute laser-targeted, high-impact, insight-driven campaigns along with personalized messaging across all touch points.

Campaign designers in CRM solutions will allow you to craft personalized messages and send offers with the latest marketing messaging to targeted customers on demand, in bulk, or in real- time during customer engagements. 

To conclude:
Powerful drag and drop campaign designers inside CRM for marketing has opened up new dimensions in customer engagement by significantly enhancing marketing campaign execution.