CRM Tips: Seize Opportunities through Shorter Sales Cycle

Seize Opportunities through Shorter Sales Cycle

Selling is energy intensive and time sensitive.

The longer you take to make a sale, the lesser the probability of conversion. Now, some industries, by their nature, take longer but they can benefit by finding the optimal cycle that is comparatively shorter and makes good use of time and energy. 

Predicting purchase behaviors, optimizing product recommendations are some of the proactive actions that you can take for a shorter sales cycle.

Shorter Sales Cycle = More Opportunities = More Wins

#1 Get all prospect/customer intelligence in a single window
Sales reps stuck with traditional CRMs find it difficult to gather a comprehensive customer profile quickly. They have to weave through multiple sources, tabs and enter data on spreadsheets, thus sacrificing time that could be spent on selling. 

Digital CRM speeds up intelligence gathering through integrations and web mashups. It fetches data through social and other channels, updates on current issues, interaction and transaction history etc. and holistically shows a displays a customer/lead 360-degree profile. This makes sure that the sales rep is prepped for his next engagement visit or call. 

#2 Shorten process red tape
The malice of red tape is not just related to government. Preparing and filing meeting reports, action status manually in spreadsheets can be tedious. Use smart meeting tools inside CRM solutions to capture team meetings and assign tasks, track progress in real time. 

Fetch pre-populated reports with pre-defined parameters that can be customized as per requirements. These tweaks will tremendously boost time spent on actual selling, thus increasing the probability of conversions. 

#3 Minimize manual data input
Manual data entry is a pressing problem for any sales professional. Visual business process designers enable users to create workflows and acquisition journeys in a few clicks and without the need for hardcore coding. 

Seamless integration with social helps to automatically enrich lead, contact and customer profiles. Eliminating manual work processes provides a good alignment of time, energy and resources with sales objectives. 

#4 Use next best actions
Thanks to machine learning and predictive data engines, sales reps can create marketing messages that resonate with the prospects. Also, digital CRM software qualifies leads on custom defined parameters to help prioritize follows for enhanced engagement. 

Intelligent cross sell modelers can help sales teams to match relevant offerings to customers based on frequency scoring, machine learning and white-space analysis. Additionally, contextual coaching tips and action points significantly increase closure rates.  

#5 Automate performance tracking
With the help of performance modelers inside CRM platform, you can create a data driven sales strategy along with tools that automate performance tracking. Smart meeting tools will help to improve review meeting outcomes with tagged task assignments, automated follow-ups and easy-to-access MOMs.

By removing time-consuming data entries, look-ups and harnessing predictive capabilities, smart sales processes empower sales teams to become proactive instead of reactive. 

Helping your prospects and customers get closer to their objectives and get them to act with urgency will steadily accelerate your sales cycle and become a market champion by quickly seizing opportunities.

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