Insurance CRM: Convert Omnishambles to Omnichannel Customer Service

Insurance CRM: Convert Omnishambles to Omnichannel Customer Service

The holy grail of service for insurance customers are tightly integrated care channels, seamless onboarding, and a unified 360-degree profile view.

However, insurers undertaking this quest often stumble to adapt to emerging customer preferences, creating chaotic shambles instead of a cohesive omnichannel experience.

How can your insurance business convert omnishambles into sweeping digital transformation to take on the competition?

For creating an omnichannel customer service ecosystem, you need to take into account three important factors:

#1 Rapid evolution of customer needs, expectations and preferences
Insurance customers today value simplicity and trust above just plain experience. 

#2 Disruption is brought about by new digital entrants
New digital insurers that offer instant product purchase and seamless online claim settlements across channels are the front runners in ensuring delightful customer experience. 

#3 Accelerated technological advancement empowers connected omnichannel experience
Lack of technological option is no longer an excuse. Advances in insurance crm solutions enables companies to quickly build and deploy omnichannel service journeys that delivers contextual and seamless customer experience. 

Multichannel contraption
Disparate systems meant that customer information was sprayed over multiple windows and platforms. This gave a disjointed and fragmented view to executives that hindered their issue solving capacity. Even though legacy systems gave the ability to capture information from multiple channels, there was no intercommunication between them that led to the creation of a metaphorical Chinese Wall. 

Omnichannel marriage of convenience
Deploying omnichannel service through CRM in insurance breaks down this Chinese Wall. It allows customers to enjoy fulfillment through a single window of truth. This can be achieved by unifying self service portal, IVR, chat, web, social etc for a hassle free and contextual communication. 

Find out how a global life insurance leader delivered exceptional omnichannel customer experience by integrating and adopting siloed processes in single platform with a powerful 360-degree intelligence. 

CRM solutions enables a holistic 360-degree view of customers for contact center executives that gives up-to-date insights of past interactions, current issues and the context for which the customer is contacting. All this even when the customer chooses to connect on another channel to complete their journey

For instance, a customer will garner information about a particular policy from the website and connects with the contact center to get more information or to complete the transaction journey. Thanks to CRM software, the executive will have the context for engagement, ensuring faster resolution or fulfilment. This process is even more powerful through a self service channel. 

Map, stitch and collect
For delivering a true omnichannel service, you need to first understand customer behavior. With the help of analytics and visual designers inside CRM, design and stitch journeys across multiple touchpoints. This will help you understand the engagement levels within a touchpoint and identify gaps, if any. 

By taking customer feedback across individual touchpoints, you can identify themes, patterns and identify or implement best practises, if necessary. A scalable CRM solution will help you implement this omnichannel capability across business and product lines.

Engage inside, results outside
It is laudable to apply a 'process first' mindset when it comes to omnichannel customer experience. However, it is important to equip the front line workforce with empowering tools, actionable insights, collaborative tools and training to significantly improve a contact experience. Take their feedback while employing the best CRM to come up with solutions to crucial work problems. 

Ditch legacy systems, embrace digital
Siloed systems create a logistical, maintenance and upgrade nightmare. Next generation CRM sofwares, on the other hand, destroys siloes by unifying and automating processes that simplifies an omnichannel strategy. Overnight upgrades negates downtimes and crashes. Retrofitting legacy systems is also a breeze through seamless integrations with Autonoma Integration Designer.

Omnishamble siloes need not be dealt with a quick bang approach. You can start small, test, understand and increment into a digital omnichannel model. 

Omnichannel customer service in insurance addresses customer demands, needs better and molds them as your brand champions.
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