Customer Service CRM: Convert 'Mini Moments' to 'Mega Delights'

Customer Service CRM: Convert 'Mini Moments' to 'Mega Delights'

Your phone is your personal butler. 

It is at your beck and call 24*7 and instantly fulfills every demand. The amount of personal engagement that you have with your phone often surpasses 'human' relationships. 

How can your business achieve the same level of customer devotion?

'Personal' equals 'better' in terms of service. You can use mini moments with your customers to deliver mega delights.

Mini moments defined:

Mini moments was first coined by Google to define moments that people experienced when they engaged with their mobile to satisfy an immediate demand. In today's age of instant gratification, your business can use the concept to great effect to deliver personalized service or products.

They create relevant and profitable opportunities to build relationships and gain momentum towards intimate engagement. These inter-related small moments slowly add delights to customer journeys.

Build mini moments through each product inquiry or purchase journeys on the web, service chat and status updates. These events are opportunities for you to know more about customer preferences and delight them through personalized service delivery.
 Customer mini moments

Pinging Dr.Digital
By 2020, 20 billion "things" will be connected to the internet. As IoTs expand, it will become easier for your business to create value added mini moments for your customer, thanks to embedded technologies that can sense and interact between their internal connection and external environment. With the help of customer service through CRM, digital platforms will accelerate engagement with pre-emptive service delivery, thus boosting customer adoption.

Businesses are taking note of this fact and rushing to take the lead in implementing 'digital' initiatives. But, taking a digital initiative today involves going beyond the scope of engaging customers or just automating existing processes.

You need to converge digital and physical worlds using immersive journeys to create entirely new business moments that sync harmoniously to create business value. Your digital technology will need to be agile, scalable and quick to create the next best customer journeys. 

Simplify, don't overkill

Sticking to basics while interacting with customers on these mini moments will help you understand behaviors that boost engagement. From there, you can develop customer-centric strategies that simplify existing processes and journeys. Technology has blessed you with limitless touch-points. Deploy those strategies at as many touch-points as you can to create even more mini moments that impact customer experiences.

Served by AI

Chatbots, powered by machine learning and natural language processing fed by real time interaction and transaction data, create mini moments by themselves by instantly fulfilling simple queries and demands. Businesses win by cutting costs through robotic automation and customers gain what they desire with an improved experience. Artificial intelligence in CRM for service empower service and sales agents to respond in the best possible manner with the most accurate solutions and products. 

HDFC Bank recognized that customers use their smartphones for everything ranging from talking to paying bills and accessing financial services. Why then, would the bank expect them to pick up a phone to request standing instructions or new credit lines etc.? Instead, HDFC customers can now avail instant service and sales from its mobile apps with a few swipes and taps. This allows the bank to serve its customers in small but memorable ways. 

Mini Moments isn't specific to channels or campaigns. Such an approach can snowball into siloes that dismantle experience. Rather, it acts as a strategic enabler through CRM solutions for creating engaging relationships that help you devote complete attention to your customers.