Cover These 4 CRM Implementation Bases for a Successful Go Live

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Winning customers is an all year game. 

But whether you retain your 'Customer's Champ' trophy depends on how successfully you implement a CRM solution. 

Below are the four CRM implementation bases that you need to cover for a successful go live.

#1 Set Goals
Different organizations pursue different set of goals to be achieved from a CRM implementation. But there is a similar theme that runs across. Those are:
  • A holistic 360-degree view of a prospect, lead and customer
  • Develop, deploy and track sales, marketing and service activities.
  • Automate business functions like marketing, sales and service.
Some of the more advanced goals are:
  • Be able to develop and execute targeted and event based campaigns.
  • Integrate with multiple systems to get advanced intelligence of customer preferences that help to deliver specific offers. 
  • Automate routine sales activities to help optimize opportunties across channels.
  • Improve forecasting, understand customer trends and buying behavior
  • Deploy a customer self-service portal that offers end to end purchase journeys complete with virtual assistants.
  • Empower agents to service customers across touch points on a single platform.

#2 Develop a CRM blueprint

Having a CRM implementation plan will give you a headstart in embracing digital transformation. This will also help the entire organization to commit early on, avoiding roadblocks for a smooth go live. The four main parts of a great CRM blueprint is as follows:

a. Organizational structure
A successful CRM implementation will destroy organizational silos that depend on multiple legacy systems and department. Prepare your business stakeholders accordingly.     

b. Team collaboration
Upon successful implementation, CRM software serves as a strong platform for your work force to collaborate efficiently. Empower your teammates to conversationally boost productivity.

c. Cultural fit
Your workforce needs to be drilled in 'Proactive customer service is the only way of business' philosophy. Competing stakeholder agendas often dwarf the bigger rewards of CRM.  Bring them all on one table by bribing them with overall positives and mitigating the negatives. 

d. Innovative technology
Technology can make or break your digital business. Chose digital CRM tools that give a helping hand to your business for breaking the innovation barrier. 

Even the greatest software can't transform your business unless you include scalability i.e. room for inexpensive growth in your implementation blueprints. 

#3 Identify customer data sources
Big data is to this century what oil was to last one. Pivotal.
Will you be capturing customer data through online (web, email, mobile, wearables etc.) or offline (branch, personal interactions)? Digital visual designers can help automate processes to capture complete customer details across silos. 

Synching and linking customer data across channels and departments are crucial to have a single window into a customer's business soul. A single platform CRM can enable you to fetch data even from multiple external systems and display in the desired format for further analysis. 

Proactive data mining will help you to construct customer profiles based on transactional behavior. Develop techniques for finding and tracking behavior. This will increase ROI, while at the same time, easily executing targeted marketing campaigns.      

#4 Integrate seamlessly
We all are aware of the myriad disasters a loose stitch can cause. The same goes for inefficient integrations.

Seamless integrations standardize your processes and systems.It cuts down on non-critical legacy systems, thus saving costs and overheads. Today, automated integration with visual designers eliminates expensive coding and maintenance. Robust master data management makes it easy to retrieve data and build patterns from customer big data, in real time.

A successful go live will power up your customer engagement home runs and serve as a strong foundation for everlasting customer loyalty.