CRM Customer Service: Does Your Case Management Have a Six Pack?

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We derive body strength from our core. A six pack is not just great to have and look at, but it also serves as a vital stabilizer for our upper and lower body.

Your service is the core of your business. Its quality helps attract, retain customers and promote brand advocacy. Does your case management, through which you deliver delightful customer service, have the below six packs?

#1 Adaptable issue management
Plans rarely go according to plan. Can your case management process handle instant crises? Customers problems can come unannounced in severity and priority. They don't occur as per a set schedule. Case management through CRM software allows individual and teams, both from internal and external environments, to proactively collaborate on issues and deliver a faster turnaround to solutions. An adaptable case management platform makes your service teams ready to for any eventuality. 

#2 Interactive content management
Traditional document management systems have unstructured documentation processes. Interactive content management systems, like Autodoc from CRMNEXT, perfectly aligns different documentation process for different products like loans, credit cards etc. No more wasting time in manually search among junk uploads. An interactive content management platform is intuitive and provides a single repository for collateral and solutions base for recurring problems.

#3 Out of the box integrations
Long gone are the days where you had to manually stitch (code) integrations. Today, out of the box integrations with drag and drop functionality can seamlessly integrate external systems, applications, IT networks, repositories etc. Automated integrations backed by logical rule engines will make your work processes more structured and simple.It also makes your case management in customer service module interoperable, highly configurable and scalable.

#4 Straight through processing
Zoom through with straight through processing (STP). Powerful business modelers in CRM solutions help remove delays, errors and reworks without manual interventions. User journeys built with visual designers allow for hassle free experience, quicker turnaround times and ability to make changes in real time. It reduces operational costs, increases accuracy and enhances customer satisfaction; a powerful combination for brand advocacy.  

#5 Powerful analytics
Analytics, be it predictive, behavioral or sentimental, show your agents the way forward. Algorithmic analysis pulverizes big data into actionable insights. Your case management should have the right analytics visible to the right roles in a real-time dashboard. The reports generated should have defined service metrics like first response rates, first contact resolutions, churn rates, satisfaction scored based on feedback surveys etc. 

#6 Experience Management
Experience, delivered by consistent and relevant engagement, turns service into profits. And for that to happen, case management should be 3C equipped; configurable, comprehensive and convertible. User and customer experience should be geared towards mobility and self-service. Strict adherence to SLAs must be followed to fulfill contractual obligations. Seamless experience fulfillment is only possible with up to date customer 360 data captured in CRM solutions.

A strong, flexible core underpins your customer service. The above six pack makes your case management easy and powerful!