CRM Tips: 3 Fresh Steps to Increase Sales in Financial Services

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Financial services industry are always on the lookout for fresh ways to amplify their sales. After all, higher sales translate to bigger margins, improved balance sheet and higher stakeholder returns.  

They are in luck with CRM solutions. 

You can bring a spring in your sales, improve sales force performance and customer relationships by following the below three fresh steps.

1. Marry data with technology
What happens when data gets married with technology? Powerful offspring come into existence in the form of artificial intelligence, predictive analysis and process automation. They combine together to give customers a rich, engaging journey experience. 

Experience is the new currency today. With the help of CRM in financial services, you can enjoy faster sales cycle, improve segmentation, enhance lead and opportunity scoring and optimize price points.

2. Evolve with the power of insights
All living things evolve. Including business, a living thriving mechanism. Zero evolution equates to zero change which means stagnation. And stagnating returns is a precursor for the complete breakdown of financial stability.  With the help of heuristic and machine-learning algorithms, CRM systems can derive actionable insights to sales teams and relationship managers who can in turn, drastically improve conversion rates. As data starts building up, analytical insights also enhance forecast accuracy.

Predictive analytics in CRM deserves a special mention here as it dishes out insights that traditional CRMs always miss. Business process models that can be executed visually offer smart selling recommendations with no need of hardcore coding. The data sources for these insights can include social, third-party data warehouses and an organization's own operational data. Performance modelers in CRM software can help link this intelligence with strategies to improve sales and sales forecasts.  

3. Adopt best practices
Having a shotgun approach is permissible for a newbie firm. But if you are looking to scale up and expand, it is preferable to follow the best practices backed by years of industry experience. Some of the best practices are listed below:
By following the above three steps with CRM for financial services, you can make lightning advances in sales performance for your financial services organization.