CRM in Banking: Immortalize Profitable Customer Engagement

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From the time banks were run as a science, sales and marketing were considered the kings that brought over business profits.

Today, customer engagement rules over both of them in delivering consistent banking profits and growth. How can you immortalize profits from customer engagement after you seal a deal?

Involve all channels
Say engagement channels and typical response includes mobile or email. But, today, engagement channels have grown in scope across devices. It now includes mobile messaging, social platforms, intelligent chatbots, virtual assistance, smart notifications etc. Customer engagement channels encompass IoTs pertaining to wearable, sensors, connectors etc. 

You need to expand the scope of functionalities in CRM solutions. Take into account myriad data, technology forms, metrics, the correlation between agent behavior and customer process in order to enhance the ultimate customer experience, while at the same time, bringing down costs. 

Customer as a journey pioneer
The making of an exceptional customer journey involves getting to know customer intentions (predictive analysis), sentiments (sentiment analysis) and location (geography intelligence). This information aids in setting up contextual offers through powerful business process modelers like cross selling, workflows etc.

It is important to keep humanist factors like trust, empathy, initiative, intuitiveness etc. in mind for the digital journey to be successful. Keep the customer and their needs in mind while designing journeys with perfect combination of CRM technology, work processes and data.

Agent CSR
Your customer service representative is James Bond when it comes to making your mission of delighting customers a qualified success. Far from being an ignominious role (traditionally), a CSR job ( including online, mobile and field) is now one of the most crucial and complex roles in a banking organization. 

If any team deserves the phrase 'superheroes', it is your contact center teams. Customer service through banking CRM software makes it simpler to both the executives and workforce. Giving attention to workforce training will ensure team productivity and with the results, loyalty. Remember, 'dedicated employee engagement leads to profitable customer engagement'.

A customer-centric digital banking experience, empowering journey experience, intuitive interface, embracing CRM solutions that include powerful analytics and modelers are the portions needed to make your profitable customer engagement immortal.