Top 3 Focus Areas for an Impactful CRM Technology

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If only there was a Nobel Prize for CRM technology, you could have easily sorted out the best from the rest.

CRM products are dime a dozen. But do you want to invest your hard fought resources in a plain product used by every tom, dick and harry business or...

A product that guarantees an delightful journey for your customers, delivering an impact to your business. 

For that happen, you need a CRM technology that focus on three main areas of disruption, growth and sustainability. Let's delve deeper in each one of them.

1. Focus on disruption
New technology is tipping the scales of incumbent large businesses in favor of agile businesses. For customers, convenience is now measured in minutes instead of hours. Disruptive CRM technologies ensure that those tipping points do not begin tripping ones. 

A CRM solution will have new features that combine efficiency with convenience. For businesses, powerful algorithms crunch big data and dish out insights, forecast and strategies. That too without coding, but with visual designers that are easy to use and run with 'drag and 'drop functionality'. The end result is super quick fulfillment with custom user journeys, be it for instant access to product or disbursing loan in three minutes!

2. Focus on growth
Today, a CRM worth its salt will exclusively focus on improving user experience at every stage of customer journey. This translates to increasing sales a.k.a business growth. With smart offers displayed, backed by powerful modelers that analysis customer interactions and transactions, a delightful customer engagement across multiple channels, real time analytics with big data, high conversions are a given. Fulfilling the ever increasing and exacting demands of the customers is a prerequisite for a CRM that focuses on growth. 

Source: SuperOffice
3. Focus on sustainability
In the beginning, CRM meant recording customer information. Circa 2017, CRM is the heart of any successful (growing business). An agile CRM technology will align strategy with your business goals. Sustaining your business is the foundation for growth and that means conducting regular activities with your customers. Smart meetings that allocates tasks and sets deadlines in real time, tools for mashing up data from multiple systems to display required insights, all are part of a CRM solution that makes an impact.

CRM has evolved from a Rolodex to a single powerful system that break down fences to merge siloed departments. You need to check the above three factors to select a CRM platform, that enables you to deliver products and services that make the customers go wild. In the meantime, don't forget to browse Gartner Magic Quadrants (the next best thing to a CRM Nobel Prize), to quickly recognize an impactful CRM technology. (Shortcut: Visit the best CRM for enterprise here.)