CRM Tips: Press POWER Button for Faster Go to Market Products and Services

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The ultimate dream of a business is to be Usain Bolt in introducing new products and services.To become so fast that competitors are left behind biting the dust.

Lifting off your products and services at that speed may be possible, thanks to CRM platform. Just press the POWER button below to design strategies that result in faster time to market, quick operations and quicker profits.

The POWER button:
Pin down challenges
Spend some time working out what hinders the smooth and fast time to market for your product or service. Once you have them figured out, break it down and deal with them.Some of the macroeconomic challenges will be out of your grasp. For the rest you can plan, budget and allocate resources. For instance, if its real time collaboration, you can use social collaboration tools in CRM software to keep track of team updates and share collateral. 

On plug and play platforms
A typical software platform will take months for requirement gathering and infrastructure arrangements. Not with plug and play platforms, such as 'Bank in a bank' in CRM solutions. With the help of Out of box packages that are easy to configure, deploy and maintain, you can enjoy the benefits of faster time to market. Banks using banking CRM have been known to take advantage of this platform to break even quickly. 

Work with prototypes
Only Green Arrow can hit a target dead center on the first try, unless you are incredibly lucky. And markets rarely favors luck. Prototypes help you create a backup product or service in case the initial offerings bomb. It also aids you in getting a better understanding of what's actually possible for faster market entry and look out for future improvements. A/B testing is valuable with custom campaigns and feedback analysis run through CRM solutions.  

Evangelize the final product or service 

"71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference." -

Businesses can make an impact by taking advantage of customers expo and networking events. At these events, they can excite on-board influencers, key opinion leaders by their sneek peek demos and they can also make customers believe that their product or service is the saviour for their problems. Create collaterals that explains why your product or service is the next best thing.

Repeat benefits
Hammer down the multiple benefits of your products and services at every touch-point. Make them proud of their choice. The benefits over competitors in particular will be talked about in forums, events and social media. Be it giving out loans in three minutes or processing insurance claims in 30 seconds. Customize your SMS or email templates in CRM software with signature promoting your USPs.

Taking care of day to day operations with precision and speed is crucial for success in these strategies. Execute them with the help of CRM platform.