CRM Tips: Ignore These 5 Customer Thoughts at Your Own Risk

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Customer profiling is in vogue these days. Gathering intelligence through their action, interaction, online and offline behavior in order to predict their next move is fine. But, what about their thoughts?

You need to understand what goes inside the brains of today's consumers and how they view business with regards to themselves. Here are five key consumer thinking points. (No, we did not abduct anyone and conduct alienesque brain operations on them).

1. You have no place to hide
The internet has given us the power of transparency. No business information is now safe from the prying eyes of the consumers. There is no place for substandard products or service, they are killed by 'review's even before take off. Its a quality and customer first world.

2. I will benchmark you against the best
Customers now have access to top of line products and services without paying exorbitant amounts. With the help of social aids like Google Now, Instagram, Whatsapp etc. they can instantly explore and compare your products and services to your competitors. In case your competitor shines, the switching time is less than a minute due to the multitude of buying journeys available on every channel. You can take action by designing smart and intuitive buying journeys, with CRM solutions, that hook prospects and engages them at every touchpoint.

3. I have a complex limbic brain
Limbic brain is associated with the decision making process. And the customer's limbic brain has evolved over the decades to be complex and more importantly, fickle. Simply spending millions in ads is not enough. A typical journey includes first identifying a need, conducting hours of online research, watching ads or trailers, discussing with social groups and reading online reviews. And finally a price comparison on various aspects between your competitors.

4. I am unique, powerful and informed
Smartphones have enabled users to literally handle experience and transactions with a few taps. In addition, social media has empowered ordinary consumers to be influencers. They can create monstrous backlash against perceived wrongdoings of any company. The slogan is "guilty whether proven or not".  They can buy or cancel with a single tap or click. A truly powerful force that can make or break a brand.

5. Engage with me on every device
Customers today start their buying journey on one device and complete on another. Be sure you have a digital journey that guides them towards completion. 

Every business today must have the ability of multi-channel enagagement to support their customers anywhere, anytime and to create multi-channel win back strategies. All this can be powered by CRM solutions, that boosts conversions.

Customers thoughts have evolved along with technology. Take note of the above five thoughts and don't allow the competition be delighted to see the back of you.