CRM Tips: 3 Unique Advantages of Super Consumers for Your Business

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Superman will go to any length to protects the Earth, regardless of costs and dangers.

Now, replace the earth with your business and superman with super consumers (a.k.a loyalists, lead customers, high passion fans etc.) and you get an inkling of their importance.

Super consumers are hardcore and unabashedly passionate about their brands. They count their beloved products after their basic needs of food, water and shelter. They have an in-depth understanding of every feature of a certain product. Usually 10% of your business customers are super consumers and they account for around 50% of the sales numbers. 

Below, you will come to know the three main advantages of having some super consumers and how they can influence your brand development. 

1) Emotional connect that translates to sales
A super consumer will always be interested in your products and will always buy every new item that you launch. Why? Because of emotions. And emotions are powerful purchase motivators

That's why, you can always count on a super consumer. In fact, you can make some more accurate predictions of sales and trends, inside sales CRMbecause a super consumer will always be communicative and express his / her desires. You can discover them easily with the help of big data through CRM analytics in your platform.

2) Free promotion
Having an "army" of super consumers is a gold mine for your business, not just for the direct sales. A happy super consumer is very enthusiastic (with minimum efforts on your side) about your products or services. It will be intrinsic for them to share your great offers. 

A super consumer will feel like an expert (and you better treat him like one)when it comes to your line of products and he / she will give recommendations, whenever the opportunity arises and more importantly, through thick and thin. This is a great form of advertising and guess what, you don't have to pay a dime for it. You can capture the positive sentiments with the help of social media tools in CRM.

3) Free product development insights
Like we mentioned before, most of the super consumers, consider themselves experts when it comes to your company / brand. Because of their unique attitude towards your 

product, a super consumer will often drill down and review your products and services. They will connect reverse engage with you to offer constructive feedback on product improvement. Take your business up a notch with their insightful inputs. Again, these is totally free. Miss it at your own peril. 

Having super consumers is pure gold for a lot of businesses. Ignore them and you deal with their less favored cousins, the 'fickle consumers'. After understanding the above advantages, start running more customer loyalty programs through CRM software to keep them engaged and satisfied.