5 Delightful Results You Can Get by Turning on CRM

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You have waited for this moment after months of hunting for the right CRM vendor, finalizing the chosen one, coping with requirement gathering hassles, sticking to delivery timelines that would put even monks to shame. The go live date.

Now that your CRM solution is active, what can you expect in the coming months? The below listed rewards.

1. Engage better with customers
Customer engagement has evolved from a barter era of physical good exchange towards establishing a strong emotional bond. CRM acts like a glue that holds the (often fragile) bonds together. High customer engagement with CRM solutions translates to increased sales through better brand promotion to loyal customers. Brands who have tasted the power of CRM have reported customer loyalty index as high as 86 %.

2. Empower customers
Through CRM software, you can give your customers complete access to his profile details, product holdings, complaints, requests, pending applications etc. They can apply for a new product and complete the transaction instantly. Self service portals via CRM gives a customer the capability to start pause and resume the application journey across devices and channels. 

Customers can also get assistance instantly by connecting via request a callback or chat facility in the same window. Employ win back processes to increase the probability of retention and reducing customer attrition.

Learn how a brand reduced contact center costs by as much as 30% by using digital CRM.

3. Offer better and faster service
Leave Flash behind when you service customers with an agile CRM. In this age of instant gratification, the rate of customer delight is inversely proportional to the time taken to resolve their issues and queries. CRM enables you to achieve higher FTRs (First Time Resolutions) with greater accuracy resulting in customers being pleased and becoming proactive brand promoters themselves.

4. Deliver better experience
The whole gamut of customer experience involves awareness, discovery, cultivation, promotion, sales and service. A positive experience is crucial for ensuring repeat purchases. But is being 'positive' simply enough? Judging by the customer attrition due to competition, apparently not. CRM helps to jump customer satisfaction benchmarks and deliver a delightful experience. 

5. Broaden customer reach
No businessman likes his company to remain static. Growth (and profit) is a given objective. Legacy infrastructure limits your scalability. Digital CRM, on the other hand, is built for growth. As you nurture goodwill through your impeccable customer engagement, the word spreads. Your customers will turn effective sales force themselves and promote your brand.

Implementing a digital CRM does not guarantee instant results. It is a journey rather than a sprint. But rest assured, it will be one that is immensely fulfilling and rewarding for yourself, your business and your customers.