CRM Tips: Empower Your Customers to Serve Themselves

Customers simply want to get solutions to their problems promptly without having to contact the business over and over. And without them explaining their issues repeatedly. But as important as online self-service is, there are still lots of companies that continue to see online self-service as just a medium of convenience rather than see it as a strategic asset to help them boost their reputation and goodwill.

Let the customers whistle while technology  works

Fortunately, CRM solutions give them an easy and economically fantastical option. Here is how online self-service for customers can help you win customer loyalty for your business.

1. It is crucial for meeting customer needs
Your online self-service platform should be tailored at meeting your clients’ specific needs. In fact, your clients should be able to resolve most of their issues via the self-service platform. When self-service is designed to meet specific clients’ needs, then clients will have trust in your business simply because they will see you as the best place to have their issues resolved.

2. Helps accommodate different visit motives
Clients can visit a business’ website for various reasons such as lodging complaints, seeking information or purchasing something. It is thus imperative to develop a successful online self-service platform to fulfill different visit motives. Clients are more likely to be attracted to a website that fulfills their needs within the shortest time possible, than a website where they will first have to contact the support desk to have their issues resolved. 

Therefore, an online self-service platform should be designed such that customers need to take as few efforts as possible, thus increasing the Customer Effort Score (CES). This can also help improve conversion rates, thus boosting customer loyalty as a result.

3. It is incredibly important for client retention
Clients love to do business with companies that can provide exactly what they want. When you have a successful online self-service platform that allows your clients to get what they want promptly, then it means they will always choose you over your competitors. 

Your online self-service platform should be tailored at allowing clients to enjoy all services with minimal external assistance. This will give them a reason to stick to your business and not turning to your competition.

4. Gives complete process visibility
The veil of mystery will be removed, thanks to online portals run by CRM software. Customers can now make improved decisions by accessing correct information at the right time, answering impromptu queries  without nudging customer service and analyse alternatives and their implications.

Investing in a successful online self-service platform is incredibly important for winning customer loyalty for any business. Go for a powerful CRM platform that offers it boost your business’ reputation and goodwill.