4 Red Flags That Yell You Are Not Ready for CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the art of business interaction with customers. 

To prove CRM as good as its potential, you need to find out whether your business and CRM solutions are the right match. There could be instances where your company is not ready to implement CRM. Find the four major flags listed below...

Flag #1 If you still work on a pure brick and mortar business model
If your company still follows the traditional shop model and hasn't bothered to use technology (a.k.a mobile/web presence), then CRM solutions won't be of much help to you. 

Today, customer requirements include providing them with online services and businesses.Having a web presence makes an enormous traction in acquiring new customers and search for new revenue streams. Online business portals run by CRM solutions provide customized information and offerings to the user. If your company still follows the old system of business and has not kept up with technology, there will be no point in implementing CRM software in your organization. 

Flag #2 If you are just a startup or are running a (really) small- scale business
The joke among CRM critics is that the best way to make a small fortune with CRM is to begin with a large one. This is without merit.

If you are just firing up your business and are looking at a CRM solution purely for rapid growth, then it's time for a rethink. You may not have the requisite budget or the bandwidth to buy CRM solutions. A good CRM implementation will generate ROI, but not instantly. Sure, you can go for myriad of so called free CRM softwares littering the web. But they will just help you with (limited) contact management. So rather than investing a CRM, concentrate your financial resources in other business focal points. 

Investing in a CRM would not be feasible, unless customer service is strengthened, once the business has firmly established itself. In small-scale units, there is no diversification of work. A single person can manage multiple segments and therefore, a CRM is not required.

Flag #3 If understanding customer needs is way below your priority list
If a business fails to analyze and ascertain the needs and requirements of its customers, a CRM solution will not be useful. The scenario is ever-changing and with the growing technology, it becomes necessary to understand the needs of the customers well. The customers always have the option of looking for other avenues. So, a basic understanding of customer’s need helps in delivering better services and it is only then that an effective CRM will be useful to the organization.

Flag #4 If your business is disorganized
CRM works effectively to gather, synchronize and display a 360 degree aspect of the customer details. If your business is fragmented and lacks proper organizational skills, CRM solutions cannot be effectively implemented. It would be pointless if there are no trained personnel who understand the intricacies of such a powerful tool. 

CRM platforms ensure that various aspects of the company like marketing, sales, and service have to work cohesively to provide the best output to the customer. In the absence of proper coordination among the departments of  your organization, a CRM will fail miserably. Implementing Cloud CRM just as a tool for managing inventories of records or products will be an error. 

Agile CRM solutions render productivity and profitability to an organization. But it has to be carefully analyzed whether your company is ready for implementing a CRM. It will be a waste of time, labor, and organizational resources that can be better put to use to bring your company up to a level. A level where it is ready to unleash to power of CRM solutions to take your business to the next level.