CRM in Customer Service: Customer Obsession as a Culture

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Businesses today are becoming more obsessed with managing their clients or customers loyalty better than competitors. It does not matter whether your business is small or large, customer retention is the crucial thing for its survival.

"In order to lit a fire under customers for your brands, you need to develop customer obsession as part of your work culture."

Businesses still are in pursuit of that elusive elixir for consistent customer acquisition growth. In spite of investing loads of resources in legacy systems, they still face challenges while getting new customers and retaining existing ones. Customers today face the unique problem of 'agony of choices' due to the plethora of options available to them. In such circumstances, where is the guarantee that the customer will stick to your brand?

CRM Solutions like CRMNEXT help ease the journey of businesses. It helps brands to focus on customers, their needs, preferences and ultimately satisfaction. It acts as a helping tool for improving customer efficiency, reduce operating costs and improving business management.

The phases:
Putting on wall graffiti imploring to customer focus in your workplace will not do the trick. First, you need to identify the phases that primarily involves customers. Such as the ones listed below.

1. Acquisition phase

This is the initial phase. Businesses exist because of customers. Creating a first impression here is very important. 
CRM solutions, CRM software, CRM for banks, Banking CRM, Financial CRM

Capture all relevant information about your customer to help you create a tailored engagement.The process should be transparent, crisp and non intrusive.

2. Enhancing phase

At this phase you can elevate customer service experience by delivering more personalized interactions. From the information captured during acquisition, offer incentives like promo coupons and exclusive newsletters. With the help of CRM solutions, utilize your existing exhaustive customer database to go that extra mile in customer service. 

Remove bad processes to shorten customer request resolutions. Enable your sales team to access the data anywhere and anytime. Every little extra services goes a long way in brand retention.

3. Retention phase

Businesses should have the main elements/characteristics to provide better services and high quality products. Then they can retain their customers and can harness maximum value out of customer relations with CRM solutions. 
CRM solutions, CRM software, CRM for banks, Banking CRM, Financial CRM
CRM solutions have the advantage of tracking your customer and business activity with the help of different Modelers. Thus helping you to give your customers personal attention and reward their loyalty through exclusive loyalty programs. This phase ensures you sustain a good experience with your customers by getting loyalty from them day after day. 

Making customer obsession part of your culture goes down to one thing: your ability to transform customer service through automation and personalization.