Customer Delights Through CRM: Its the Small Things That Matter

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Jim logged in to Vodafone portal to recharge his mobile data pack. Unknowingly, in haste, he recharged the wrong number and waited for pack activation. Hours passed. Exasperated, he got in touch with Vodafone customer care via social media

An executive duly acknowledged his tweet and assured him that his matter was looked into. 
CRM solutions, CRM software, CRM for banks, Banking CRM, Financial CRM

Half an hour later, Jim receives a call from the executive who, instead of berating him, explains what happened and tells that the whole amount was credited back to his balance. All this without Jim needing to share his details again and again. Needless to say, Vodafone stayed on Jim's list of preferred brands. 

In the past few decades, grounded doctrines have been formulated aimed at enhancing customer relationships and customer experience across the many spheres of business. These tenets, however, have become obsolete as the modern world continues to be more complex and intricate. The ever-changing circumstances have led to the need for deep and stronger customer relationships that go beyond product or service delivery.

Bigger is better no more
In the past, spending mega bucks for mega campaigns to create mega impacts was seen as the only means of delighting customers. Not any more. Customers have become better informed and have plenty of options to choose from (thanks in no small part to social media).

Today, it doesn't matter if you are a huge corporation with deep pockets. Successful brands seriously value their customers time and money with small but efficient processes using CRM solutions. Executives need to employ small details that can improve customer experience beyond the perception of quality of a product or service.

Create Emotionally Attached Experiences
Executives need to foster emotional customer engagements. Many enterprises offer satisfying customer service but don’t necessarily bond clients with their brand emotionally. For example, customers are highly satisfied with McDonald and other fast food stores, but when given a t-shirt with a company’s logo, they may not wear it because they don’t have a feeling of pride or trust in the enterprise. 

Therefore, executives should try to focus on highly integrated services that are not only logistically functional but also emotionally engaging.

Design and Deliver Human Centric Experiences
Executives can help make a difference by ensuring that all customer- organization touch points are exhaustively utilized by providing unique and authentic services. Implementing human centric solutions is the first step. The intuitive design helps organizations employ a holistic strategy that is centered on establishing a human touch. Thus, fostering an unwavering relationship. 

For example, many visitors visit the website of Asia's largest private lender for applying to financial products. The bank has realigned their channel strategies by implementing a complete digital self service portal. 
CRM solutions, CRM software, CRM for banks, Banking CRM, Financial CRM

You only need to visit once to make a meaningful connection through myriad touch points.

Combine Human Touch and Emotional Engagement

This involves integrating the two aspects to creating a multi-dimensional customer experience. It includes things such as allowing customers to participate in the redesigning effective business process. Brands can allow customers to source feedback, suggestions and ask the company to create a unique product for them. The customers develop emotional sentiments such as a feeling of belonging, love and attachment to the enterprise knowing that they are part of the service or product being offered.

The modern business environment is founded on a clear understanding of customers needs, delivering value using collaborative strategies, and managing customer-oriented relationships. Brands needs to create customer focused relationships that are consistent and resonate well with their clients’ needs and preferences.