Leads in CRM: Nurture for a Richer Future

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Your CRM solution can help raise customer relationship to the next level with tools for active listening and guidance through the whole customer journey. And for that to happen, you need to harness and nurture the most vital ingredient, leads.

"Revenue grows on leads, fished from engagement and mined from profile information."

#1 Build a lead nurturing program
You just can't just willy-nilly wish a lead to nurture itself. It takes sustained publicity and patience. Your lead nurturing programs should include:
  • Webinars
  • PR
  • Blogs
  • Events and conference.
Store your marketing collateral in a centralized document management system so that every team member can have access it when needed.

#2 Take advantage of direct mail
Direct mail is not on the wane, yet. However, being personal is the key here. Send customized
  • Mailers
  • (birthday/anniversary) postcards
  • Conference invitations 
  • Coupon codes
  • Discount schemes
  • Referral benefits etc.

#3 Email Email Email
Again, with the help of email templates in your CRM platform, send (actionable) mailers. The scope is much larger (and better) than direct mail.
You can send

#4 Talk OTP (Over The Phone)
Despite the pervasive reach of social media, voice conversations still holds sway. Why? 

Because it brings a human touch.

Brian Carrol from B2B lead generation has an excellent cold/warm call schedule.
CRM solutions, CRM software, CRM for banks, Banking CRM, Financial CRM
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Learn more about lead management by CRMNEXT.
Other Tips:
  • Build a great first impression. Research about your prospect, find out what's troubling them/the industry and then talk about how your brand can help.
  • Follow up with collateral which are informational/educational. Avoid sales jargons (remember,patience).
  • People will lap up anything labelled FREE. Entice them with FREE trials with full features (recommended).
  • Fast track them with acquisition campaigns taken over from free trials. This should include Call to Action(s).
  • Even after they have signed up as customers, re-engage them with great after sale service, regular feedback surveys, sending new product releases.
Revenue grows on leads, fished from engagement and mined from profile information. Keep this in mind while nurturing your leads with a cloud CRM solution


  1. After I listened to the webinar on CRM, my attitude to business management changed radically. Gods! Definitely, it was a great idea to create such cool software! I was most interested in the client base analysis so best crm tools what I need. In addition, we have about 10 regular customers so I still use the free version. Not bad, I think)