Renew Customer Intimacy : 10 Customer Service Vows to Take This Valentine

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You may be heady with plans to sprinkle your special half with extra love this Valentine, but what about your customers? 

Re-affirm your commitment to deliver delightful customer service with these 10 vows. 

#1 I will serve my customer no matter when and where. 

(Let CRM mobility help you)

#2 I will ensure that my customers have only one single point to resolve issues, rather than be bounced around. 

(Have an integrated CRM solution rather than a siloed one)

#3 I will customize my interactions with every customer based on his unique profiles using customer 360
° view intelligence. 
(Every customer is special, not mass produced. Personalize your customer engagement accordingly)

#4 I will go the extra mile to keep my customer's smile (& wallet), delighting them with scheme surprises. 

(Check out how Apple proactively delighted one customer here.)

#5 I will never bore my prospects with pushy sales clich├ęs, but converse with them on how I can solve their problems or needs. 

(Ensure your wonder sales and marketing collateral is available in a single, secured document repository)

#6 I will make my service platform simple, intuitive and human centric. 

(Have a humane IVR with smart CTI Integration.)

CRM solutions, CRM software, CRM for banks, Banking CRM, Financial CRM

#7 I will remember important dates about my customers. 
(Try forgetting one about your partner and see what happens. Your customers are the same, set alerts, notifications, status updates easily with a CRM solution.)

#8 I will help my customers spend money wisely by helping them chose from relevant product offers. 

(Let our Trinity Cross Sell Modeler work behind the scenes for you.)

#9 I will pass on the cost benefits of implementing new tech cloud CRM solutions to my customers. 

(Let go of disparate systems and vendors.)

#10 My customer service team will be fully trained and equipped with professional training templates, call scripts etc. 

(Easy training is made more simple with cloud CRM.)

Great customer service is very rare. Never give excuses and go all out in making things right (a cloud CRM solution will come in handy). 

Remember, the path to deliver best customer experience, just like love, is a marathon and not just a sprint. Businesses who are steady and agile will emerge winners, both in customer hearts and market share.