For Your Business to Be Profitable, Your Team Should Be Customer-Centric

To attract more customers to your business, you play around with different strategies and tools. And one of them is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Experts and pundits ranging from CXOs to research bodies have written countless odes to its business effectiveness and hailed it as the nucleus of untold business growth.

But you know that it is just one part of the whole business growth puzzle that can be solved by asking the right questions. The most important one of which is 'Is it customer centric'?

The purpose of Digital CRM :
Establishing a well-designed Digital CRM solution will ensure that the different areas concerning your beloved customers are well monitored and regularly updated. The platform is intuitive and self learning based on the mounds of customer data which you feed into the system.  Its functions and features can help the business understand the customers better, identify their needs, and eventually help you provide better customer service to your customers. However, it will amount to nothing unless backed up by a professionally trained workforce.

Onboarding the Digital ship:
If you establish the need for a mindset of 'Strategy-driven CRM' and a mindset of 'Digitalized Business Processes' where Innovation is Process Driven, then it is an replacement of old legacy systems for a CRM that is agile, up-gradable, intuitive and on commutable cloud. Implementing Digital CRM has been shown to reduce costs by up to 30% for businesses. In this 'purse' tightening economy, just imagine the difference 30% savings would make.

Getting Digital CRM on board is not just about clicking next and installing software. It is about 
  • Putting your customer in the driver seat of your marketing and sales strategies. 
  • Training your customer service workforce to gain maximum insights and value from each interaction.
  • Getting customer issues resolved in the first instance itself.
  • Knowing your customer more than himself.
  • Helping the customer service themselves.
Not the end yet:
Attracting customers is an important aspect of running a business but ensuring that they stay loyal with you is more critical. Grabbing eyeballs, wallets and hearts of the customers can be easily done with the use of customized marketing campaigns with drop dead gorgeous templates. Digital CRM ensures that that your customer stays engaged with your business. How? By being responsible for keeping track of user profiles, purchase behavior, comments, suggestions, requests, self service and much more.

An excellent cloud CRM solution will be able to efficiently organize reporting and documentation, vital parts in customer management and support. Add to this other functionalities like account management, scheduling, invoicing, quoting, lead generation and your team becomes truly customer-centric. But to turn customer satisfaction into customer delights and maintain a steadily growing customer base, your customer centric team should also be human centric. Find out how in our next post ‘For your team be customer-centric, your tech should be digital-centric’.