The Best of CRMNEXT Digital CRM Blog in 2015

2016 is upon us and the whole business world is busy gazing towards future trends and predictions. However, it is a good practice to look back and revise through insightful tips that is actually relevant for a foreseeable future.

Presenting before you, the best CRM posts from our blog in 2015 related to CRM trends, sales, marketing & service. The posts were selected based on the level of engagement (traffic, social media mentions, comments etc.) each month.

So here goes…

Don't Measure Campaign ROI Unless You Follow These 5 Effective Steps through CRM
When you spend big budgets on marketing campaigns, you want to ensure that every penny spent adds value to your organization’s bottom lines. Digital analytics, be it web based like Google or through CRM analytics, can help you measure your marketing campaign ROI through easy and practical steps.

Why CRM Analytics Is the New Implementation Success Hero
After a successful CRM implementation, you will notice a steady (or even rapid) increase in productivity and process efficiency, but wouldn’t you like to quantify your progress?  We will now see why CRM analytics is one of (or maybe the most) crucial element for your CRM implementation success.

The Ultimate Six Steps to Maximize Customer Acquisition in Financial Services through CRM (Infographic)
Financial services are being threatened by digital disruptors almost on a regular basis. With the help of social channels, differentiated service offerings and influencing brand advocates, you can easily take on the competition.

12 Must Ask Questions to Qualify Your Leads Faster
In order to tap faster into leads that can really give you business, you need to get the right insights. Asking relevant and probing questions is the way to go!

7 Finest Ingredients for a Happy Customer Experience
Your customers in 2016 is going to be increasingly intelligent, networked and more importantly for you, fiercely fickle. Thus, delivering an exceptional customer experience is not only important but critical for your brand existence. And for this, you need to know what goes into making an experience that your customers will brag about to their friends or loved ones.

6 Simple Steps to Overcome Sales Stagnation
A stagnant sales rate is a potential nightmare for every sales professional. It attracts depression, low work morale and can be career threatening. How can you ensure that your sales numbers are rapidly growing? Find out here.

9 Follow-Up Checklist That Guarantees a Response
Whether you are new to sales and marketing or a veteran, the fact is that first connect sales are extremely rare. You need to follow-up with a prospect (without being spooky) again and again and again. Go through the mentioned checklist to conduct follow-ups that guarantees results.

6 Awesome Ways to Turn Customer Data into Competitive Advantage
‘Big Data’ is now the new ‘Big Star’ in ‘Digital Town’. However, it will remain a dumb data dump, unless used to aid your business growth and make your competition ‘bite the dust’. Here are six ways to make customer data, your biggest competitive strength.

How to Bring Your Cold, Dead Leads Back to Life?
Over the years, sales and marketing professionals have given utmost priority to warm leads, with a view that they are easy to approach and much of the ground work is already done. But such an approach is very short sighted, dissuading you from harnessing the untapped potential of cold leads. Here are nine steps to reawaken your prospects.

7 Sparks to Ignite Customer Passion through Digital CRM
Businesses, across verticals, are after passionate customers. With the help of Digital CRM, it is now possible excite your customers so much so that they will go to any extent to procure your product/service. Here are seven sparks to ignite your customer’s passion through Digital CRM.

Network Your Way into Hidden Business Revenue Opportunities [INFOGRAPHIC]
Networking is that golden key that will open the doors for more business opportunities, partnerships, leads and conversions. Find out how you can bring out hidden business gems.

Ten Steps to Make Your CRM Human Centric
Break through common design misconceptions and make your CRM more human-centric, thus increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

Writer's choice:
Of course, engagement levels may not be an accurate indicator of insights (though often, they are). Hence, below are some of the personal favorites of our writers this year.

8 Proactive Prospecting Practices That'll Actually Boost Your Sales
No prospecting, no sales. Capisce? Sales prospecting helps to develop long term relationships with prospective business partners and leads, thus increasing conversion numbers.

The Complete Guide to Tackling Sales Objections
No sales process is complete without objections. The complex nature of sales objections often convinces sales representatives to view them in negative light and actually dread them to the point of paranoia. But here’s the irony, sales objection are one of the best things to happen to a sales professional. Scoffing? Don’t be. Find out why.

7 Easy Ways to Increase Sales Team Productivity through Mobile CRM
In today’s competitive business environment, your sales force are the front line troops who is always on the field capturing new customers and defending existing customer base. Mobile sales workforce need to have easy access to updated customer and competitor information to get extra edge during their sales meet, which is duly offered by a mobile CRM.

How CRM Gamification Can Multiply Your Service Effectiveness
Customer service today is the main yardstick to measure your business success. Industries are aware that a happy customer can act as a growth multiplier. Here’s how CRM gamification can boost your customer service effectiveness.

8 Steps to Profitable Cross Selling Through CRM Solution
Cross selling can be a significant margin booster for your business. It has been proven to increase sales by at least 30% with no additional costs. However, do it wrong and you will see it backfire with customer dissatisfaction, then attrition etc. Here’s how CRM solution can help improve your cross selling ratio.

A Big Gracias to Our Readers
CRMNEXT blog would not have reached its heights without its loyal readers. A big shout out goes out to our wonderful readers. We really appreciate those of you who reached out this year to give feedback, constructive comments and to let us know how CRM solution by CRMNEXT has helped shaped their business. Thank you to everyone who shared our articles with their friends, family, business and social network. Thanks for spreading the good word about CRMNEXT across the globe!

We’ve got some big (pretty big) things planned for 2016. Stay tuned and in the meantime, Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!!!

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