7 Sparks to Ignite Customer Passion through Digital CRM

In September 2015, two Chinese nationals tried selling their kidneys to purchase Apple’s latest Iphone 6S. What prompted these gentlemen to go to such extreme lengths?

It was their ‘passion’ for Apple products, despite abundant alternative (and cheaper) choices. Businesses, across verticals, are after passionate customers like them. Often, with no clue how to get one.

With the help of Digital CRM, it is now possible to excite your customers so much so that they will go to any extent to procure your product/service.

Here are seven sparks to ignite your customer’s passion through Digital CRM.

Spark #1 Shift your mindset
Most businesses still view a customer contact center as cost overheads that affect bottom lines. They are wrong. In order to deliver a delightful customer experience, start thinking and running contact center as profit generators. Here’s what will happen once the transition is done.

You will pay more attention towards personalized sales campaigns through Digital CRM that will help in new customer acquisition. You will resolve customer issues faster with 98% first time accuracy(FTR), which will ramp up brand goodwill. This, combined with relevant offers and schemes will grow your cross selling numbers, effectively increasing customer retention numbers and base (hearing that $Kaching$ sound yet?). 

Digital CRM will aid you in creating customer profiles, based on which, you can conduct effective campaign management. Thus, taking care of customer nurturing. 

Spark #2 Take care of customer journey
Your business should keep track of customer journey in three stages, as listed below.

A. Understanding customer journey
What is customer journey all about? Experts state that a customer’s journey begins when he makes the first contact with your brand. But let’s take it back a notch. We feel that a customer’s journey begins when he begins to ‘desire’ or ‘needs’ your product or service. It ends when he clicks the ‘buy now’ button, signs up that lucrative ‘purchase order’ or opts for your related products/services.

B. Mapping the customer journey
Every action your customer takes during the whole journey must be mapped and tracked by you. Digital CRM enables you to do just that. To get started, take a look at this detailed customer journey clock made by i4process.com

(Right-click and view image in a separate tab for a larger size)

Note: Every business has its own customer journey route. So take time to find out yours, after all you know your business better than others. 

C. Plug the gap in the map
Sometimes, you may inadvertently lose out on a interaction point or lag behind in delivering standard customer experience in one channel. Make sure that you discover deficient channels and track them all in your digital CRM. For a resonating customer experience, it is important that none of the gaps is left untouched.

Spark #3 Have clearly defined metrics
You might ask what the importance of metrics in customer passion is. It’s very, very important, for the simple fact that what is measurable is improvable. Besides, metrics gives you an overview on where you stand vis-à-vis the competition, displaying clear direction for improvement. Quantifying progress and process will help you to make better informed business decisions. Some of the metrics that you can include are:
  • Revenue statistics
  • Subscriber base
  • Miles accumulated (For transportation industry)
  • Share market capital
Choose the metric specific to your industry.

Spark #4 Be where the customer is
Remember the Vodafone pug dog? Following you no matter where? Vodafone nailed it in convincing customers that the brand will be there wherever they are.

Today, customers are mobile. With the power of Digital CRM, a CEO can (and is running) his whole business from mobile. Brands are in sync with customers who are constantly on the go. Gone are the days when a visitor was required to login to his desktop and fill out numerous forms to avail a service. From taxi aggregators (Uber) to electronics (Dell), mobile business offerings is must for customer delight.

To reiterate, don’t wait for the customers to come to your business, rather, go to them for business. Learn how to delight customers through mobile CRM.

Spark #5 Get social
Did you know that one in every five people on this planet has a Facebook account? (We are not making it up, check it out here.)

This statement alone will show you the immense business potential when your company goes social. Your brand’s social presence will open a gold mine with regards to preferences, ongoing trends, brand mention feeds, online reputation management etc.

However, this does not mean that you need to have an active presence on every social media platform available. That would mean spreading yourself thin. Facebook has been shown to be effective for B2C products, LinkedIN for B2B, Twitter for every segment and Instagram is now catching up. Research which platform is most suitable for your brand and also check out your industry standard engagement rate.

As adults spend about four hours everyday on social media (source), it will also help you to adhere to spark #4 i.e be where the customer is. Learn how to use social CRM to retain positive customer perceptions.

Spark #6 Allow customers to serve themselves
Customer education is now ‘in’. They love it when your business takes efforts to ensure a customer is self sufficient in solving his product/service related issues. Issue resolution happens quicker (in most cases, instantly) and you reduce your contact center overheads. Previously, sales people had to hand guide customers in realizing their problems, needs and finding the right products. No more. Say hello to your new sales team for today's digital age: 
  • Product knowledge base (updated)
  • Case Studies
  • Presentations
  • Video demos (most loved)
  • Industry white papers
  • Thought leadership content
They act as an enabler for prospects and customers to be proficient in solving their problems, with your business of course. However, it’s not enough that you educate the customer. Complete the offering with a robust self service platform and see your customer engagement ratchet up.

Spark #7 Develop customer obsession
When you hear or think ‘stalking’, what comes to your mind? A social taboo that shows an individual is psychotic or insane. But today, stalking or being obsessed about customers is vital for a business that cares about maximizing customer satisfaction. Be obsessed about customer’s preferences, choices, interaction, behavior, happy triggers etc. In return, customers will be obsessed about your brand (think Apple).

Kyle McNabb, VP-Research Strategy, Forrester Research, calls this era as the age of customer and predicts that this cycle may continue for 20 more years. Understand that being customer obsessed is vital for taking leadership for your digital business. Put customer experience in the driver seat and draft your sales strategies. You can judge customer response via
  • Exclusive product previews
  • A/B Testing
Keep your ears open for industry analysts reaction. But, you will get the best outcome when you hit the road to hear your end customer’s views.

The above seven sparks will help you to deliver AAA (Anytime, Anywhere, Anything) class customer service that will make your customers come begging for more. Isn’t that the dream of your business?

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