CRM Tips: 9 Follow-Up Checklist That Guarantees a Response

Whether you are new to sales and marketing or a veteran, the fact is that first connect sales are extremely rare.

You need to follow-up with a prospect (without being spooky) again and again and again.

But do you do a follow up just for the sake of it?

No.You need to go through the below checklist to conduct follow-ups that guarantees results.

Checklist #1 Rank according to significance
Draw up a list of prospects you want to do follow up. You can take the help of CRM solution to do the laundry list AND classify them according to importance. Based on your interactions, your judgment will tell you the eagerness levels of purchasing your product/service. You can even rate them according to:

  • Mutual connections
  • Turnovers
  • Target industries, etc.

Checklist #2 Be purposeful
Adding a purpose not only brings returns to your business, but also your follow-ups. Doing random follow-ups is a waste of time (yours and the prospect’s), and energy. While purposes may vary according to situations, there are five basic ones listed below. Take your pick.

  • Asking for feedback
  • Getting a referral
  • Seeking out a business opportunity
  • Capturing a new client
  • Creating a testimonial

“80% of sales are made after the fifth contact” (Tweet it!)

Checklist #3 Apply creativity and personality
Ever got an email which had you feel engaged personally, only for you to realize that it’s from a brand? Use that experience to craft a great follow up template for yours.

An impersonal and common email will appear as run of the mill and the result will be a direct mark to SPAM. You do not want Google to penalize your domain.

Checklist #4 Availability of continuous online engagement
Won’t it be great if you continue your engagement even after a follow up response? Encourage the prospects, clients to connect with you on your social media presence including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Extending the conversation helps in brand retention.

Checklist #5 Assess then pitch
Yes, the ultimate aim is increasing business, but diving into sales pitch straightaway in a follow-up is suicidal. Subtlety is the key here. Before following up, get to know the prospect in depth and determine whether the contacting/following up with them is the worth the time and effort.

Checklist #6 Invitation to subscribe
Offering great content for subscription is an actionable way to build a database of email campaigns etc. Prospects will start looking forward to your mails/content provided they stand out from your competition. Simply adding the email to a list is rude and a violation of CANN-SPAM act.

Checklist #7 Keep brand guidelines consistent
Sure, follow ups should be personalized, but keeping in line with your company’s brand guidelines. A follow-up communication that adeptly balances professional and personal aspects elicits the most genuine response. Thus, ‘Geekywins’ tone is a strict no-no.

Checklist #8 Prompt replies to responses
The prospect may take some time to respond, but that should not be the case with you. When you receive a reply stating interest or query, address it promptly. It is a free way to generate a great first impression about your brand and its customer service.

"48% people never reply to a follow up response." (Tweet it!)

Checklist # 9 Inclusion of a CTA
Your follow-up will go to waste if it doesn’t include a Call to Action (CTA). It can be:

  • Requesting a demo
  • Downloading a whitepaper
  • Invitation for newsletter subscription 

Customize your CTA according to prospect and campaign objective.

Follow-ups, when executed with the above checklists, can lead to greater engagements and better business relations. Set your schedule with a CRM solution to achieve increased revenue, referrals and long lasting partnerships.

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