How CRM Gamification Can Multiply Your Service Effectiveness

Customer service today is the main yardstick to measure your business success. Industries are aware that a happy customer can act as a growth multiplier.

Here’s how CRM gamification can boost your customer service effectiveness.
1. Encourages voluntary customer participation
How many times have you filled a bland feedback form or become inspired to give brand suggestions? We assume none.

Bring in gamification and watch customers actively and most important, voluntarily participate to give feedback and suggestions. Gamification aptly captures the fickle customer attention with its ‘interactive interface’.

2. Increases service executives' training participation
Gamification encourages service executives to get over their fear/laziness and attend skill based training. They feel motivated to attend the next training session or try out ‘game mechanics’ of service training modules.

3. Encourage Innovation
Gamification encourages customer service executives to try out of the box approaches in solving customer issues. It makes their mundane tasks more dynamic and enjoyable. With the help of advanced speech and behavioral analytics, they can know how customers will react to their approach.

4. Influences organizational behavioral change
Gamification can change organizational behavior for the better. Many corporate are slow to adapt and  most important,  respond to dynamic trends. With the help of CRM gamification, service executives can be at the forefront on making customers at the center of their operations. 

5. Increases customer loyalty 
Customers tend to value companies who combine a fun ‘gaming’ image and efficient work process. Competitors will have a tough time catching up with you terms of offering the ‘ultimate’ customer experience.

6. Retains talent
Gamification helps you to retain the best talent due to the inclusion of ‘fun’ factor. The combination of motivation, ‘gaming mechanics’, recognition and adequate rewards will ensure that they won’t bother to look for a job change. 

Implement a CRM solution with gamification to deliver the best service for your customers.

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