How CRM Gamification Can Multiply Your Sales Effectiveness

Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to buck the trend and charge into explosive growth. This often requires active participation from your sales workforce, who may be averse to change. 

But gamification, i.e applying gaming principles in work process, stands out for being positively embraced by a (usually) skeptical workforce.

Here’s how CRM gamification can boost your sales effectiveness.

1. Enable Scenario Simulation 
Ever played the game of SIMS? With the help of realistic game mechanics, a sales negotiation or pitching scenario can be created that help to judge the effectiveness of a sales pitch or presentation. Traditional classroom training bites the dust in comparison to this practical approach.

2. Conduct specialized learning as needed
Gamification gives learning control back to the sales team. Previously, boring classroom training were thrust upon them. Now, sales professionals can control which aspect of sales they wish to focus on for learning. It acts as a pull rather than push factor.

3. Deliver experiences that aid memory
Concepts, tactics learned through sales gamification stays with the learner for longer periods. We process visual simulation much better than text and gamification aids us perfectly in that aspect. In a gamified sales dashboard, the team can view leader boards, reports based on a variety of themes, lead progress etc.

4. Provides Motivation
Gamification provides ample motivation for your sales team to push themselves to achieve targets. The ‘game mechanics’ of your CRM solution can nudge them to achieve their goals, just like while playing ‘call of duty’. When your sales team starts having fun, you too will enjoy with less attrition.

5. Gives Instant feedback
CRM gamification intimates users about their progress at each level of work process. This instant feedback mechanisms allow the sales team to take corrective actions where required.

6. Recognizes efforts
Remember the time when your main aim was to top the leader board of your favorite game? Make your sales team get that excitement back with the help of CRM gamification. Pump up healthy competition with the help of visible tangible and virtual rewards, badges, leader boards etc.

7. Enhances performance
Gamification can directly link training with performance indicators, thus guaranteeing you greater ROI for your sales training investments. Your sales team becomes more equipped with more confidence, thus becoming proactive rather than reactive.

Thus a gamified CRM solution can help drive your sales and help you top the leaderboard among your competition.

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