CRM Tips: 20 Books That’ll Help You Become a Master Seller

20 Books That’ll Help You Become a Master Seller

What is common between a job seeker, bachelor, entrepreneur and marketer?

Its sales.

Be it getting a well rewarded job, a suitable mate, investment or more sales, selling is an integral part of our lives. It acquires all the more importance for a sales professional, who depends or increasing sales numbers for his career and livelihood.

Thus, we have compiled a comprehensive list of top 20 sales books that will transform you from a common sales person to a sales ninja.
1. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cold Calling by Keith Rosen
In most businesses, the first step for sales is cold calling. However, most sales representatives hit a roadblock while making cold calls due to fear of pitching their product/service to strangers. Complete Idiot’s Guide to Cold Calling allays those fears by helping you get organized, remove distractions and more important, remove stress and learn to enjoy cold calling. Written by Keith Rosen, CEO of Profit Builders and one of most influential executive sales coaches by Inc. magazine, CIGC helps you increase the number of qualified leads, schedule more meetings and learn the best practices to manage the lead pipelines. Generate ROI for your efforts straight to the bank.

David Thompson, CEO of, collaborates with Elaine Marmel, President of Marmel Entreprises to bring out sales 2.0 for dummies, the one stop guide for beginner sales professionals. This book is important because unlike the plethora of sales books that focuses on traditional sales method, it takes into account social media platform, the preferred choice of digital marketer. The authors teach the best methods to leverage social networking, conferences, prospect meetings etc. to bring the best results. They also emphasize the importance of a strong and scalable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for your business.

To be a great sales professional, you need strong research skills to dig deeper into your prospect profile apart from ornate communication skills. Tom Hopkins, CEO of Hopkins International has authored How to master the art of selling with an aim to empower sales people with transformative skills that ultimately lead to multiplied career and sales growth. Based on decades of rich experience, Tom gives insights about generating referrals, buying psychology, best prospecting techniques and lead generation.

Sales are not yet a mature science but more of an evolving art. This process makes sales a complex and dynamic challenge, which sales professionals strive to master in this competitive marketplace. Jeff Thull, a globally recognized management consultant, sets out to simplify complex sales process by teaching how to influence the influencers, navigate confusing contact network, quantify value and creating convincing product solutions. 

The art of selling has evolved along with technology. Sales people who have failed to modify their techniques accordingly have fallen to the sidelines and lost their career. Neil Rackham, former founder of Huthwaite Corporation, shows you how to avoid being one by teaching his trademark SPIN (S-Situation;P-Problem;I-Implication;N-Need-payoff) strategy.

If you are in the field of sales, Brian Tracy is a familiar name for you. The best sales veteran of all time, Brian, in his best selling book, teaches you the basic fundamentals of daily sales. He isolates and focuses on key concepts, selling strategies and principles. He takes you deeper in the psychology of the buyer and shows you how to convince prospects that your offer is worth the price. 

Sales closure is the make or break moment in the whole sales process. Zig Ziglar, the father of modern sales, takes you to the nuances of persuasive techniques that will result into that big closure that you are looking for. He provides hundreds of example of closing statements, questions to ask to gain more insights and as a bonus, extra tips from the top sales people across the globe. 

The power of modern sales force lies in Powerpoint. Presentation Zen, authored by acclaimed designer Garr Reynolds, shows you how to harness the power of visualization to create an engaging presentation for your prospect audience. Get to learn his secret mix of illumination, inspiration, education and guidance that will enhance your presentation skills. 

Graduate from small fries to big fish. But its easier said than done. B2B Marketing, especially large accounts are a tough gate to break. Forget meetings, getting the gate keepers to pick up the phone is tougher than setting a man on Mars. But, Jill Konrath, a top global sales strategist, who specializes exclusively in dealing with big corporations, shows you the key to the bronze gates. Learn how to target key accounts, network intelligence and stay ten steps ahead of your competition. 

Learn the best techniques of closing that complex sales negotiation with the best results, from Mike Kaplan, Master trainer for sales. If sales professionals follow the basic and time tested principles of sales negotiations, they can overcome even the most stubborn prospect. Mike has been credited with thousands of big time B2B sales negotiations. Secrets of Master Closer give you never known before insights of successful sales closing.

Even if you consider yourself as the top sales persona for your business, there is always room for improvement. Selling the Invisible, authored by Harry Beckwith, teaches you the ropes of marketing, from the start to the end. No matter what stage you are, you can always become better. Considered to top marketing speaker across the globe, is considered the top most authority on sales and marketing and is an elite member of American Marketing Association. 

In today’s technological driven world, it is important for a sales person to be aware of technical terms and jargons to be an all rounded sales professional. Babette teaches you how to involve and immerse yourself in any industry, no matter your technical background. Make yourself and your technical team on par with the same level of understanding. A must have book for sales professionals aiming to make a mark in any technology driven industry.

A well defined and targeted sales pitch is the core of any successful sales. Do it wrong and lose out to the competition. Oren Klaff, a serial entrepreneur, shares the secret to his sales success via Pitch Anything. The well thought out book shows you how you can use a great sales pitch, no matter the situation, with the help of neuroeconomics and STRONG (Setting the Frame; Telling the Story; Revealing the Intrigue;Offering the Prize; Nailing the Hookpoint;Getting a Decision)

14. Snap Selling – by Jill Konrath
Jill Konrath makes the list again with his best selling book ‘Snap Selling’. This book covers how to set up guaranteed meetings, improve decision making, close negations, all of which ultimately leads to successful sales. Jill specially emphasizes alignment; a key characteristic for a salesperson to be in sync with the customer needs and problems. 

15. Dirty Little Secret: Why Buyers Can’t Buy and Why Sellers Can’t Sell and What YOU Can Do About it – By  Sharon Drew Morgan
Struggling to sell? Let Sharon Drew, record real estate sales agent, help you overcome your obstacles. Her best selling book takes you to behind the scenes of a successful sales meet. Dirty little secrets show you exactly what is hindering you and the prospect to reach a successful deal. 

16. Dog Eat Dog and Vice Versa by Jerry Rossi
Today’s marketplace does not just rely on millions of dollars to achieve huge sales. Jerry Rossi, a top creative sales marketer, gives you insights over 9 secrets used by companies in collaboration with ad agencies to achieve impact. No matter the scale and nature of business, Jerry can help you significantly grow your bottom lines.

17. Secrets of Question Based Selling by Thomas Freese
Questions occupy an important part in any sales negotiation. They help you to go deeper into important issues. First released in 2000, secrets of questions based selling has been helping sales people to accurately identify key customer problems and create strategies that help you to create more accounts,  establish credibility and close sales quickly and efficiently. 

18. Covert Persuasion by Kevin Hogan
Learn the subtle art of persuasion that turns any no into a yes. Written by Kevin Hogan, Covert Persuasion helps you to weigh in all factors in order to influence a prospect into conversion. It equips you with all the essential skills to boost your sales numbers. Convert any situation into your advantage and strive to become the pinnacle of covert persuasion. 

19. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
Wondering why this is included in sales learning? Because the ability to network and influence people is innate to any great sales professional. Known as the greatest confidence booster book ever authored, Dale teaches you how to make friends, increase publicity, enhance confidence and become a better sales speaker. Learn the best sales technique from the master orator.

20. The Definitive Book of Body Language by Barbara Pease
It is said that non verbal communication accounts for 75% of human interaction and is a screen for real intentions. Unlock the secrets of gestures and get to know a prospects inner thoughts. Some key points include how to read palm, hands, leg motions and other non verbal cues. Filled with humor and other actionable insights, the definitive book is a must read for a sales pro to wholly improve his communication skills. 

Learning never stops for a great sales warrior. Ignite your minds and sales with the above listed sales learning books.