How to Create Success in Social Media Marketing for Your Small and Midsize Business (SMB) through CRM

How to Create Success in Social Media Marketing for Your Small and Midsize Business (SMB)

You, a small and midsize business owner, dream of getting the audience enjoyed by big players for your product/ service. About 80% SMBs harness the incredible reach of social media to market their products and services. Join the league and stand apart with these social media tips that are guaranteed to increase your target audience reach.

How to make your SMB succeed in social media?

1. Target local geography
Take maximum advantage of local geography settings of social media platforms. As you are a small and midsize company, your best leads will come from near your company location. Social media platforms have sophisticated geo-targeted advertising tools that are guaranteed to bring footfalls for your business. You can maximize geo-targeting effectiveness by:

  • Getting visitor browsing data.
  • Segmenting visitors when created targeted Call to Action adverts by country and zip code.
  • Implementing drill down targeting settings by age, gender, languages etc.

2. Offer useful content
Attract wide audiences including potential leads by updating actionable posts in your social feeds. Online visitors are always on the lookout for that eye-catching visual or video that they can share with their followers and connections. Ensure that you draft content that is not just a typical sales pitch, but offers practical tips that are beneficial to your target audience. Some methods that you can use are:

  • Online videos, podcasts and webinars.
  • EBooks that give out information.
  • Use hovering social sharing buttons (If it’s not intrusive on your web layout).
  • Draft trivia posts that test user knowledge about the product/service in your industry and give rewards.

3. Proper Linking
You may have drafted great content, but it will be worth nothing if you don’t do proper linking. Attract visitors to your link by attaching high resolution images (60% more traction than other formats like videos). Take advantage of link shorteners (check to make sure they are not marked as spam). However, before posting, ensure that the particular link is working. In case of unresponsive links which users report later, respond immediately by adding a new one. 

4. Flaunt your achievements
Modesty is generally the best policy for your personal life, but certainly not for your business. Won an award? Make it viral. Crossed a milestone, post a mailer. Such activities demonstrate to your audience that you back your words with action. Just tweeting ‘Trust Our Brand’ won’t convince prospects.

5. Organize fan events
Social media is not about just sitting in front of a computer and sending posts. Take advantage of ‘social’ gatherings of fans, followers. Organize events/game shows that are relevant to your product/events. To maximize participation, you can:

  • Publicize event related to images/promos across social media platforms. You can even take advantage of paid digital campaigns.
  • Send emailers through social CRM announcing the event and participation information.
  • Create an attractive Twitter hashtag to make it go viral.
  • Participate in niche community forums to increase niche branding. 

6. Humor works
In this era of daily work and personal life stress, people appreciate moments of hilarity. Create funny videos, caption images that will bring a smile on the audience to hook them to your media presence. Many brands are known for their quirky content on social media and power of reach is immense for them. However, ensure to follow adequate online etiquettes and don’t overdo on the humor.

7. Identify trends
Social media thrives on the latest trends. Identify the latest consumer trends through social CRM notifications; utilize the power of hashtags to identify twitter and blog trends etc. Write long form blogs and share them via social media to capitalize of reader attention for trending topics. Invite people to share photos/images/anecdotes and run instant real time contests related to a current event like sporting games etc.

8. Tap into influencer power
Your industry may have influencers who are experts in their domains and have their own captive audience/followers. Identify them with the help of social CRM and get in touch with them through mutual connections etc. Invite them to post guest blogs and recommendations. Give preference while interacting with them on social platforms. Such activities will build up your reputation in no time.

Implement a social CRM software and follow the above seven tips for an unbeatable winning combination for your small and midsize business.