How Digital Self Service Platform Can Win Customer Loyalty

How Digital Self Service Platform Can Win Customer Loyalty

Digital self service portals have transformed from being a mere tool of convenience, into a strategic asset that can help increase an organization’s growth, reputation and goodwill.

How can you as a brand promote them and boost customer satisfaction?

1. Accommodate different visit motivations
Customers may visit your digital portal for purchasing, for getting information, lodging complaints, downloading statements etc. You should develop your platform, that, with the help of content, fulfills multiple purchase motivations in a single view with easy navigation. This layout should be easily accessed via all media including mobiles and desktops. Visitors will be attracted to the page that fulfill most or all their needs on a single view. This will improve cart size and conversion rates, thereby boosting customer loyalty.

A leading retail finance company was looking for ways to improve their customer experience which is focused on different needs of the customer. After deploying CRMNEXT’s digital self-service platform, they were able to simplify their digital buying and information capturing platform. This resulted in an increase of visitors from 2000 per hour to more than 9000 per hour.

2. Attractive offers
The content for your digital customer service platforms should be designed in such a way that they elicit an action (purchase or engagement). Such content can be created with a clear understanding of customer intentions/previous interactions. Better still, convert them into attractive cross-sell offers. These can be in the form of discounts, exclusive digital outlet offers etc.

A leading retailer was getting negative customer feedback about its service portal. They wanted to improve customer service, response time and to capitalize on visitor opportunities. After putting CRMNEXT web portal in place, they were able to enjoy 205% increase in portal access, a 30% increase in visitor retention and almost have $45,000 in cost savings. Creating a digital service platform only discount scheme aided them in achieving these milestones.

3. Touch Point Promotion

Visitors won’t throng your portal just because it exists and is (probably) artistic. You need to promote the platform to make people aware of the portal. The best way to do this is to utilize all your customer touch-points like the web, call centers, mobiles etc. Emphasize the efficiency of your portal in solving the daily simple problems and needs. You can also incentivize visitors through loyalty points.

A leading media client directs consistent similar requests to their digital platform. Their call center execs regularly suggest customers to utilize the platform for solving their basic queries. Based on the frequency of usage, customers accumulate loyalty points which they can redeem in their next invoice. As a result, they have been able to reduce their manual call logs by 45%, thus saving costs and improving response time.

4. Community power

Online audience love the power of community. Integrate a community platform in your digital customer service presence that enables customers to share their concerns, suggestions with others as well as customer service reps.

A telecom major after integrating a wiki blogging, feedback and opinion platform experienced 115% increase in visitor retention.

5. Agile Ecosystem

Your digital service platform should host an agile ecosystem wherein a visitor can make changes and enjoy all services without any external help. This will give him added incentive to stick to the digital self service and not revert to multiple touch points.

A leading financial services company, whose SSP is powered by CRMNEXT, offers its customers a whole ecosystem for maintaining their accounts by themselves. It offers easy registration, hassle-free password reset (with due verification), account overview and change options, application status, online help, customized offers and option to apply, relevant ads etc. Their usage has increased by 85%, thus signifying greater customer loyalty.

The end result of incorporating the above ways is increased customer loyalty (as much as 70%) next time you take a customer satisfaction survey. Implement a digital self service platform through CRM and make happy customers, your loyal fans.

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