3 Simple Steps To Pump Up Your Sales With Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, trying to keep the customers’ happy and amazed is not easy. Customer satisfaction has a direct impact on increasing sales and meeting revenue targets!

Let’s understand why customer satisfaction and sales is a perfect match in the business environment.

7 Tips On How CRM Helps Streamline and Automate Marketing Campaign Execution

A cloud CRM software ensures marketing strategies work effectively by using smart process automation to focus on improving sales. If the right message is delivered to the right set of target audience at the right time, it will help companies in generating a lot of quality leads. The sales management software helps in effectively managing campaigns and measuring their effectiveness. Organizations can also track the progress and performance of various campaigns and ascertain which marketing strategies work, thereby ensuring success.

7 Tips On How CRM Helps Streamline and Automate Marketing Campaign Execution
Here’s how the cloud CRM software helps in streamlining and automating marketing processes:
1)  It provides your organization with an end-to-end marketing solution by helping team members to efficiently track and manage diverse campaign mix, throughout the customers’ life cycle.

2) It also helps you create dynamic email templates, ensuring that user communication is consistent with brand identity.

3) The software automatically updates customer facing teams on new developments and changes in print and media campaigns, while allowing marketers to spend less time organizing campaign assets.

4) It helps in measuring and driving campaign ROI by helping your organization to optimize its expenses based on historical review of campaign performances.

5) It helps in increasing your lead qualification rate by spending on campaigns that actually work for you.

6)  It also helps in streamline leads from multiple sources like emails, website, phone calls, etc. and ensures that every lead is followed up on time and does not get ignored.

7)  It also helps in running multiple campaigns across various social media platforms like, facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc.

Investing in the right cloud CRM solution will help in boosting productivity and reducing time spent on strenuous manual labor.  Other than automating sales processes, unifying different departments, improving user adoption, it also helps in streamlining marketing processes. It would be pointless to spend a lot of money on marketing activities, which would never give the expected ROI. So, it would only be smart to invest in a cloud CRM software for marketing that helps your organization generate quality leads and analyze customer information to generate more targeted and personalized messages for each market segment.

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5 Proven Tips To Make Your Sales Reps Love And Use Your CRM System

CRM has helped businesses all around the globe to automate sales, marketing and service processes. It has helped in establishing a strong relationship between organizations and customers. It wouldn't be incorrect to state that CRM relies on the simple assumption that by treating customers with respect and valuing them, they will continue doing business with your organization.

5 Proven Tips To Make Your Sales Reps Love And Use Your CRM System

Here’s how you can make your cloud CRM software friendlier and get your sales representatives fully on board for using the system:
1)  Demonstrate increasing profits
If your company’s sales rep has a strong relationship with the customer, the customer will definitely recommend the organization and its services to his friend, family or colleague. The rep will be satisfied and proud when he gets to know that his work has helped in brokering important deals for the company.  Ultimately, each time his work is recognized or talked about among other employees, he will start relating positive CRM experience with better job performance.

2) Be a Leader
Business acts as a whole from top down. If you want your sales reps to use the system, you as the manager, should lead by example. Proving it to them that by using the system you have been successful in maintaining strong relationship with the customer, they will be motivated to do the same. If the top level management is responsible, the lower and middle level employees will also act in a similar manner.

3)  Make it mobile
Sales reps are road warriors. Imagine them having to come back to office to update the information about the sales meet. It would only lead to abandonment of the system and cause resentment. It would be easier for them to update the information as soon as the meeting ends, using CRM on mobile devices, tablets, etc.

4) Reward them
Gamification of CRM is the current trend in organizations. Why not, use an adoption report on a weekly or monthly basis to check which sales rep has added the most data into the cloud CRM solution. Whoever tops the list can be rewarded with a gift certificate, incentive, etc.

5) Showcase positive feedback
Here’s a top business secret. In business, it is not always about making a lot of money, positive reinforcement and recognition from colleagues also matter to a great extent. If a customer makes a positive feedback about your sales representative, do let them know and showcase his/her achievement.  They will be happy to know that their hard work is paying off.

5 Key Benefits To Your Business With CRM

A cloud CRM software, provides numerous advantages and has proven to change the way businesses function in the last decade. Along with contact management, territory management, product management, faster lead conversion rate, etc., it provides myriad other benefits.

CRM solution has also eliminated a number of tedious processes faced by business organizations. Reps no longer have to hop from one system to another to get access to important information pertaining to customers. All the relevant information is readily available in a centralized depository. Also, mobile CRM has helped reps to close more deals, keep team members updated, resolve cases, queries, complaints at a faster rate, etc.

5 Key Benefits To Your Business With CRM
Here are five key benefits that a cloud CRM provides:
1) Better customer relationship
Cloud CRM software will help your organization to become customer centric. More than just making profits, companies will shift their focus towards amazing customers with their products and services and keep them consistently happy.
Example: Suppose your customer has inquired about a product that your organization offers. If the company has no CRM in place, it will be difficult for reps to keep a track on the customer. Also he will have to switch from one system to another to keep the customer’s information updated. All this leads to reduced productivity, which would not have happened if there a robust and scalable CRM implemented.

2) Generate leads through marketing campaigns and events
A stable CRM platform enables business organizations to create multiple marketing campaigns. Through these campaigns, leads can be generated. Also, leads can be generated through events, seminars, etc. In a nutshell, reps are satisfied at the end of the day as they are sure that the sales pipeline is full with qualified leads, which will bring in consistent revenue and target achievement.

3) Information access anytime, anywhere
With the advent of mobile CRM and the BYOD policy, it is no longer mandatory for reps to carry their corporate laptop and dongle wherever they go. They can easily access customer information, get alerts, notifications and updates on their mobile phones, tablets, etc with the help of mobile CRM. This helps in closing deals faster and maintaining better customer relationship.

4) Performance analysis and opportunity identification
With the help of the such software, sales managers can easily monitor  the performance of their team members. Similarly, the company’s growth year on year can be tracked. Opportunity management helps in understanding the scope of future revenue and determining where additional focus needs to be directed.

5) Easy integration and scalability
With a cloud CRM software, integrating with third party systems becomes a hassle-free process. Also, the software’s guarantee unlimited scalability on commodity hardware.

Cloud CRM for sales management should be used and loved by sales reps, only then will it become successful. Taking all these factors into consideration, it is only beneficial for all organizations to undertake such an investment, which is sure to transform the way  businesses functions.

5 Ways To Retain Customers Who Are Leaving

It’s easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers than to acquire new ones. Thus, it is important to find out why a customer left your organization and switched to a competitor. Existing customers are a potential source of easy-to-close referral sales.

5 Ways To Retain Customers Who Are Leaving
There can be many reasons as to why a customer switched to a competitor brand. It may be that the customer wasn’t happy with the quality of the product or service. Add to that, an increase in prices. Whatever the reasons are, in order to stay as market leaders for long, analyzing the reasons should form an integral part of customer service and marketing campaigns.

Here are five ways to win back lost customers:
1) Understand why they left your organization
Understanding why your customer switched to your competitor will help you improve the quality of your product or service. Initially, your customer was happy with the services you provided. However, due to inconsistency, he preferred switching to another brand. In this case, talking things out with your customer service guys, encouraging them to provide exceptional service, giving them proper training on customer management, etc. will help to a great extent.

2) Remember everybody likes to be wanted
Every step should be taken to ensure that your customers do not switch loyalties. However, if such a scenario arises, just remember that everybody likes to be wanted. Try getting in touch with your lost customers, show them how much your organization values them, and show them that you miss working with them.

3) Write personal letters
Even in this age of emails and SMS, letters have a long lasting impact on the minds of readers. In today’s competitive business world, emails are widely used. Usually, since there are so many emails received everyday, your customer may just miss reading the mail sent by you. It can also be lying in the junk folder, unattended! In such a case, writing a personal letter, signing it yourself with blue ink, will leave a lasting impact. Your customer may not come back to you, but again this gives you the upper hand. Simply because, for the kind gesture you showed, the customer may continue referring you to friends and family.

4) Analyze if you really need them
There may arise a scenario where every customer that you work with may not turn to be profitable. May be you had a customer who had lots of high difficult-to-achieve expectations and it was a herculean task satisfying that particular customer. The best thing you can do at this point, is to make sure that they are leaving as a happy consumer and that they will continue to refer you.

5) Take responsibility
After a thorough research, you will definitely come across many reasons your customer left your organization and switched to a competitor. However, taking ownership and responsibility is vital. You can always fix up a meeting with them or discuss things that went wrong over coffee, dinner, etc. You can then, talk about all the measures the company is taking to sincerely improve on the areas, where they have faltered. Then again, may be the customer is convinced but he isn’t ready to come back.The basic good point that you can bring home by taking accountability is a great referral.

A study done by Marketing Metrics says you have,

A 60 to 70 percent chance of successfully selling again to a current customer.
A 20 to 40 percent chance of winning back an ex-customer.
A 5 to 20 percent chance of turning a prospect into a customer.

Taking all these statistics into consideration, we understand the importance of winning back lost customers. In a nutshell, the customer needs to feel the company cares and will go the extra mile to make it right.

The 5 Step Guide To Buying The Best Cloud CRM Solution

CRM solution is about technology that supports best practices and customer centric strategies of organizations. These need to be cultivated and implemented using right tools. As an organization, you have to take certain factors into consideration such as the CRM system, which you plan to invest in, should be scalable, with easy updates and easy integration with third party systems, etc.
Most solutions are transactional which merely automate existing tasks and processes. This adds less than commensurate value to the organization in real sense.  As an organization, your primary focus should be in investing in a software that restates customer strategies and holistically reworks processes, which ultimately leads to a new culture that drives results.

The 5 Step Guide To Buying The Best Cloud CRM Solution
Your expectations about high-impact CRM software should be:

"To be designed in such a way that it helps you manage customer relationships, track your sales and gives you meaningful, clear insights."

Five steps for the buying the best cloud CRM solution:

1) Scalability
Your CRM software should be highly scalable on commodity hardware. Having to switch to another vendor, as the number of users increase in a year or two is a complicated process and economically unfeasible. You should invest in a cloud CRM solution that has the capability and the resource to grow as your business does.

2) Upgradable
Your CRM software should be easy to upgrade. It should have the capability to automatically retrofit existing customization without breaking integrations with new upgrades. This helps to reduce the cost associated with high migration projects while applying upgrades to the production systems. Thus your application is always current and relevant with changing business dynamics.

3) Easy to integrate
Integration is of utmost importance. Your CRM software should have the capability of integrating with third party systems. It will be of great advantage to your organization, if the solution that you are investing in helps to deliver complex integrations with high reliability and almost zero coding needed on the product side.

4) Promotes user adoption
Like the proverb - 'you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink', members of the sales team are not likely to enter their records on the CRM software, if they are not user-friendly enough. They are usually weary of allowing visibility for the details of their leads or accounts and therefore the most difficult to convince. Also, some perceive they are wasting time on replicating non-core activities by adding information to the CRM that is already on their personal portable device. The benefits of synchronization in such instances should be emphasized in such cases.

If all CRM users are not convinced to update the CRM system, it will lead to a failed implementation - there will be inadequate customer information for generating business intelligence and improving customer experience. Make it clear to all stakeholders that CRM is for everybody's benefit and not a policing tool to maximize the organization's profits. Clear pipeline visibility, enhanced collaborations and real-time customer information are appreciated by all employees. Also, knowing that data is secure, yet accessible from any web-enabled device is beneficial for all customer-facing teams and top management.

5) Factor in mobility
The CRM software that your organization is investing in should be mobile. Make sure that the software can be used by your reps anywhere anytime. Be it at home, in the plane or in any geographical location. This ultimately also leads to increase in user adoption.

Because CRM enables businesses to gain a competitive edge by letting them perform effectively and efficiently, investing in the best CRM solution that meets all the above requirements is important. If you plan to be a market leader in the long run and keep your business current, that is the way to go forward!

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile CRM Strategy

Why Your Business Needs A Mobile CRM Strategy
Your sales reps are continuously on the run, meeting clients, pitching for a potential sale, etc. Imagine, them having to get back to office to use their laptop, desktop inorder to connect with potential customers. It will only lead to delay in sales closure. Having your sales reps equipped with mobile CRM software will not only help in increasing individual productivity but it is also a proven way to boost sales and company revenue.

Mobile CRM helps reps to stay connected with team members and customers on the go. Since almost 95% of the population use cell phones, staying in touch with customers through calls and text messages is convenient. With it, reps will not necessarily require access to computers to update the latest developments; they can create or edit their records through their mobile devices to ensure instant follow-ups. Reps can stay updated and collaborate effectively to track new opportunities and close deals faster with real-time updates.

Some interesting statistics:
1. According to venture capitalist and Internet guru Mary Meeker, 13% of all Internet traffic was executed from mobile devices.
2. Sales reps saw productivity increased by 15% when they had mobile access to CRM applications.

3. Overall CRM usage increased in recent years, from 56% in 2012 to 74% in 2013.

With the help of such mobile platforms, all crucial information is readily available. The mobile device will enable sales reps to get easy access to all important information like customers’ product holding, past purchase history, recent transactions, etc. Reps will be able to plan and prepare for a meeting on location and follow up with a prospect while on the road.

Mobile CRM software, will also help in increasing sales. Research by Innoppl Technologies shows how 65% of sales reps who work at companies that have adopted a mobile CRM have achieved their sales quotas as opposed to just 22% of reps from non-Mobile CRM enabled companies. The statistic, itself is proof enough that such implementation helps reps in closing sales at a faster rate due to the enormous benefit it provides.

Mobile CRM also helps in shortening of the sales cycle. Reps no longer have to waste time, trying to recollect the conversation they last had with a prospect. Since information is updated on the go, it is easier for reps to focus on winning “new opportunities”.

Furthermore, mobile CRM will also enable reps to plan faster and get meaningful business insights. Even when employees are not at their desks, activities like meeting day to day targets, updating customer records, responding to customer queries, etc. can be done successfully with the help of a mobile CRM. All in all, this cutting-edge mobile CRM platform has improved lead conversion rates and helped businesses gain a competitive edge.