3 Social Media Questions Behind Personalizing Your Communication With Customers

Today, ‘Social Media’ has become an inevitable part of our life. All business organizations and individuals are focused on enhancing their social presence.

Now, let us understand how CRM social media platforms have helped business organizations. A decade ago, it was very difficult for businesses to maintain a personal relationship with their customers. Today since almost everyone is available on multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, keeping a track on customers’ likes, dislikes, etc is not very difficult. On these platforms customers openly share their opinions, reviews, feedback, etc. Taking advantage of this, representatives can actively monitor customers’ posts and tweets to build better relationship with the customers.
3 Social Media Questions Behind Personalizing Your Communication With Customers
Three social media questions to personalize your communication with customers:
1) How service agents can win customer loyalty through social media channels
Let us imagine a scenario, where a customer is not happy with the product a company delivered. He pens down his feedback on Facebook. His friends share a couple of thoughts on the same topic. Some of his friends like the brand, others don’t, hence there is a mixed opinion formed. The company’s service representative logs into the Company’s Facebook account to see the status and other posts. As soon as he signs in, he sees lots of negative comments related to his company’s product. He smartly addresses the problem saying; the damage was not caused, because of the quality of the product, but because of storage problem. The customer finally understands where the problem lied. The end result being, better relationship between the customer and the company.
2) How social media can help increase brand presence
It is marvelous when an issue, complaint or request can be resolved just via social networking platforms. All you have to do is be active on these sites and keep a close check on customer related activities. Also, if a customer writes or tweets something good on your social networking pages, you can re-tweet or share it, so that a lot of people come to know about the quality service your company provides. Constant monitoring forms a core part of CRM marketing strategy, both on offline and online platforms.
3) How service agents can keep customers satisfied through social media
Social networking sites can also be used for brand building. It can also be used by sales representatives, to analyze the customers’ sentiments, emotions, behavior and other factors. Keeping all this in mind a sales representative can pitch for a potential upsell or cross sell depending on the customers’ past purchase behavior and other details.

The above three questions will make optimal use of CRM software for social networking. It is not just about making posts, but building a personalized customer communication. 

5 Critical Areas Where CRM Data Can Help Decision Making

Running a business and making it a success in the long run is a complicated process. So, no matter how large or small your organization is, making informed decisions is important at every stage of business.

A high-impact cloud CRM software provides a single platform, where a comprehensive 360 degree view of all the customers is readily available on a real-time basis. With the help of the existing information about customers, purchase trends etc., business leaders can review and analyze information flow effectively. Decisions that were once made on excel sheets and paper; can be viewed by mangers and team members with the help of dynamic dashboards and reports that are available internally. Moreover, using a commutable cloud CRM software, businesses can accurately identify opportunities and threats. They can also keep close track on competitors’ activities and accordingly make informed business decisions.

5 Critical Areas Where CRM Data Can Help Decision Making

Some common areas where CRM data can help inform decision making include the following:

1) Sales forecasting
Forecasting will help business to identify sales based on multiple parameters like product, geography, units, amount, teams, period, etc. It will help in analyzing, studying and calculating opportunities on the basis of a specified time period.

2) Sales management
CRM software will enable businesses to monitor the performance of the sales team. It will enable top level mangers to see the status of the sales pipeline and also analyze why a particular deal was won or lost. It will also observe individual team member's performance and contribution for achieving the overall sales target.

3) Product planning
Based on the information on competitors, their activities and current market trends businesses can plan out and prepare an effective marketing strategy to improvise products. Also by conducting a market research, they can understand the needs of the audience and develop products accordingly.

4) Customer service
A good CRM software will help in increasing first time resolution rates. It will help the service agents to build better relations with customers by resolving cases, queries and complaints at a faster rate.

5) Marketing campaign planning
With the help of the best cloud CRM software, business can identify which campaign worked in the past, what was the ROI and accordingly plan future campaigns. Also, budgets and expenses can be accurately calculated.

In addition to enabling organizations to monitor the ongoing health and performance of the business, it can also help in automating business processes. Since, most of them have the advanced capability of integrating with multiple Social Media platforms like; Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn, staying in touch with customers is instant and without bottlenecks. Also, through these networking sites, additional details about the customers can be easily tracked. This will help organizations to up sell and cross sell effectively. Furthermore, since most of the customers’ share their experiences on social networking sites, it serves as a good medium for ‘Word of Mouth’ publicity. Service agents can address customer problems quickly via social networking interaction. And, these new channels can be used to provide updates from the company, deliver promotions, and gather feedback.

Be assured that the sophistication of CRM systems can be deployed correctly to help transform your business success beyond that of your competition.

How A Shoe Manufacturing Company Made Huge Profits By Simply Using A CRM Software

Shoe manufacturing company making profits through CRM software

Readers, looks like I have fallen in love with the entire concept of building or investing in a Cloud CRM software that works marvelous wonders. This is exactly why I am going to start blogging with short stories about how CRM software’ have entirely changed the way businesses function.

Nicolson, a high end shoe manufacturing company in Europe, had real tough time making money. The owner Mr. James, known for his skills, was frustrated, cause no matter what he tried, he just couldn’t make great sales. He tried a variety of things ranging from importing leather and material from other well-known manufacturers to changing the entire design and pattern of the shoes on a monthly basis, but nothing worked in his favor.

On a cold winter evening, Mr. James met a CRM expert, Mr. Tyson at a barbeque party. They spoke for hours about the trends in the world, fashion, extra-ordinary shoe designs and much more. Disappointed with the way things are going, James told Tyson about the tough time he had making great sales and a lot more money. Now, Tyson’s a guy like me (I mean both of us are in love with the CRM software). Since it was late past midnight, they agreed to meet at a coffee shop the next evening.

The next evening, James was curious to know, what Tyson had to tell him. (I mean who wouldn’t be it was all about making money at the end of the day). The two gentlemen met as decided and Tyson told James about the enormous benefits a CRM solution provides. Implementing a CRM solution would enable James to keep a track on distributors and retailers. It would also help him to maintain all the records of his current and potential customers, through which he would be able to analyze their past purchase pattern and make the right sales pitch. Also, investing in a CRM solution would help James to strengthen his relationship with the distributors and the retailers. He will also be able to collect feedback from the customers on a monthly basis, which would allow him to improvise on the quality of products. Since all the relevant information will be available on the fly, James will be able to sell better and also provide discounts to existing customers. All in all, having a Cloud CRM solution in place would allow him to retain customers and build brand loyalty.

Finally, James realized that the reason behind him not earning profits was not because of the quality of his shoes, its design or pattern. But, the problem lied in planning, strategizing, executing and selling to the right people.

Sounds like a fairy tale with a happy ending? Yes, it definitely is. Tyson, because he could be of some help to his friend and James because (we all know why) he’s been minting a lot of money and earning a lot of name all around the globe!!

3 Magical Tricks to Boost Customer Loyalty

Have you ever imagined running a business without customers? 

Without them, there would be no sales team, no service representatives and ultimately no profits!

Imagine a scenario, wherein your organization has put in a truck load of money to get the best cloud CRM software, products, employees, strategies and services in place. But, how will all this be of any benefit to your organization, if you’re customers are not happy with the quality of service you provide.

The end result will definitely be that in spite of the best customer relationship software, high-end products or services your company provides, the customer will switch to another organization that values them and sells them products on the basis of their requirement and not just as a hard-core selling strategy.
Tricks to boost customer loyalty

Get the three magical tricks to boost customer loyalty below:
#1 Preferred Pricing for Existing Customers:
The trick lies in making the customer feel that they are valued. How about providing a 10% discount once your customers are done shopping? Wouldn't that translate into better customer experience?

The below example can better illustrate it:
A customer walks into a high-end super market. As soon as he is done with his purchase, he stands in the queue to pay his bills. Imagine his surprise, when the cashier tells him, since you are regular, we will give you a 20% discount on your purchase. At that moment, the customer will decide to stay loyal to the supermarket for ever!

#2 Engage on social networking sites:
Facebook and Twitter addiction is on the rise! Let’s say, for the love of music, a customer walked into the nearest Apple store and brought herself a brand new IPod. All the relevant details are taken by the customer facing executive. Hence, when she sees an ad besides her newsfeed in facebook requesting her feedback, she will have only good things and experiences to speak about.

#3 Feedback, Feedback, Feedback:
Feedback is the one magic mantra that can make all the difference in customer experience. It applies everywhere, in a real life scenario and in large or medium sized organizations. Is feedback the only scope of improvisation?No. But, it greatly improves the information exchange and lets you aware of the feel of customers.

Organizations should take the above mentioned practises seriously. Once the product is delivered, they should conduct a detailed survey, through questionnaires or emails, asking the customers what they felt, what are some of the things they need to improve, how has the product helped in serving the customers need, how much do they rate the product on a scale of 1 to 10, etc. This will allow businesses to identify and work on certain areas that need to be improved.
Put these three magical tricks in your to-do list from now until forever and explore the magic yourself with cloud CRM software.