How to Create a Perfect CRM Service Request Management System in Banking?

How to Create a Perfect CRM Service Request Management System in Banking?

Secrets to improve CRM Service Request Management System for Banking:

1. System of records
These are software packages that banks use to keep records that experience low business changes. Typically, any changes to such systems require huge impact analysis as the whole data ecosystem is affected. 


  1. Case management system
  2. Unified communication and collaboration
  3. Business rule engine
You can improve by...
  • Organizations should strive to standardize and automate best process practices to save cost and time.
  • There should be a highly categorized service request fulfillment process.
  • There should be an extensive knowledge base available so that executives can get information about any process aspect, incidents, solutions and workarounds quickly.
  • The whole system should be configured to deliver higher First Time Resolution (FTR) rate 

2. System of differentiation
They are technologically more advanced than system of records and experience frequent changes business strategies modify.


  1. Knowledge management
  2. Social media management
  3. Customer self service

You can improve by... 
  • Banking institutions should have an efficient priority system for escalation matrix.
  • The system should effectively capture time taken from failure to resolution.
  • Banks should have highly skilled executives who can take full advantage of extensive knowledge base to resolve critical issues in the first instance.
3. System of innovation
They are usually systems that focus on speedy development, stability being secondary concern. They are created as a response to dynamic business changes. 

  1. Real-time decision support
  2. Location-based support
  3. Self learning systems

You can improve by... 
  • Designing different escalation matrix with the help of root cause analysis.
  • Updating knowledge base resolutions so that bugs and errors are sorted out quickly and platform is more stable and robust.     

There should be core principles that guide you towards making your service request management perfect, such as:
  1. The process changes should be under strict experimentation and change controls.
  2. The focus should be to migrate from traditional system architecture to alternate ones.
  3. The platform development practices should be incremental and agile.
  4. Business engagement practices involving system updates should be proactive and well documented.
Apart from the above list best practices, the overall main focus should always be on greater standardization and automation.  A layered model for technology development can help banks develop an effective, flexible and innovative business strategy. Using this model, you can deconstruct the body of applications in your infrastructure and to develop a long-term, dynamic technology plan that fully leverages IT investments. Banking leaders can use this approach to create a service request management strategy that prioritizes initiatives, guides investments and accommodates the flexibility required by dynamic markets. 

CRM solutions, with their customer-centric platforms, can help solve issues faster, thus enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. Always implement Banking CRM software that has integrated service management capabilities in their platforms.

1. Gartner Pace Layer Model

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