4 Powerful CRM Reporting Tools for Mutual Fund Houses

Kevin heads a large mutual fund house and was looking to establish quality metrics, improve real time decision making etc. His solution lay in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions that are capable of generating intelligent reports with the help of powerful inbuilt tools.

4 Powerful CRM Reporting Tools for Mutual Fund Houses

This is how Kevin utilizes the four powerful CRM reporting tools:
1. Assets under Management (AUM) reports
AuMs forms the core of any mutual fund house and in lieu of this; Kevin generates AUM reports that are daily, monthly or quarterly. For example, he can generate asset purchase reports pertaining to debt, equity and liquid. The reports can be further segmented according to location and distributors. To get a macro overview, he can prepare monthly AUM reports which pertain to fresh subscription, SIPs and redemptions.

2. Location-wise investor information lists
The quality and location of investors is very important for Kevin to tailor out focused marketing campaigns. Hence, he utilizes CRM reporting tools to generate location wise mutual fund investor lists. It gives out investor count, foreign investments and even online transactions. These reports even help out Kevin for creating marketing activities like investor meets, new scheme mailers and regulatory compliance purposes.

3. Monthly performance reports
Only performance that can be quantified can be improved. With the help of CRM software, Kevin now has key metrics that indicate how his distributors are performing and accordingly, can reward or train them. Alerts can be configured to notify him of any deviations from predefined performance levels. The monthly performance reports can include sales, Systematic Investment Plans (SIP), regional manager’s progress reports etc. It can also include monthly SIP trends which can allow Kevin to design marketing activities in order to push investors to apply SIPs.

4. Product wise performance reports
Kevin’s mutual fund house has a host of investment schemes in the market. In order to determine which product (scheme) is performing beyond expectations and which ones need a push for better performance, he prepares a product wise performance report. This report includes regions, branches and the individuals responsible for these AUMs. It also lists out the redemptions and their current market status.

Thus, Kevin was able improve scheme performance and ultimately achieve the goal of increased Asset under Management (AUM). No surprise that he was adjudged as the best asset management head by leading mutual fund media. If you want to be like him, there are many CRM solutions in South Africa and other countries that will fulfil your mutual fund objectives.

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