6 Easy Ways CRM Can Shorten Your Sales Cycle

The longer the sales cycles, the higher the overheads and risks. This translates to lesser profits, which makes it vital for businesses to shorten their sales cycle.
6 Easy Ways CRM Can Shorten Your Sales Cycle
Six easy ways to shorten your sales cycle using an effective CRM solution:
1. Measurable cycle time
It is a known fact that matters that cannot be measured cannot be improved. Quantify your sales cycles first to determine areas of improvement, upon which course correction steps can be applied. Identify and eliminate activities/ processes that are redundant or create duplication.

2. Right Assignment
You can assign the right leads to the right sales person with the right expertise. CRM solution can automate lead assignment to the most suitable sales rep to take it forward. With such targeted assignment, you can take faster advantage opportunities and lead them to closure. The probability of conversion also increases with smarter assignment rules.

3. Easy Co-ordination

Sales cycle reduction needs to easy and fast coordination between multiple teams including marketing, sales, commercials and back office. Process visibility and a 360 view of the lead or opportunity on a single screen helps teams to act faster, reducing time spent to complete their role in the sales cycle.

4. Information availability
Paucity of timely and relevant information is a big cause for delays in sales cycle. A integrated CRM solution helps to ensure that front-line executives have all the information available at their finger tips. This will empower sales teams to provide faster responses to customer queries, increasing their confidence levels and provide a amazing sales experience.

5. Approvals, Escalation and Alerts

Good percentage of fresh or stuck leads are not acted upon or remain neglected by sales teams for various reasons. This is a significant loss. CRM can help to highlight such leads with escalation and alert matrix leading to faster and higher lead conversions. Predefined approval processes help in faster and transparent decision making helping in reducing sales cycle time.

6. Fast track process for cross/up selling
With the help of a CRM solution, high probability cross sell offers can be made available at all customer touch-points. Since CRM has all the needed information related to an existing customer fast-track processes can be implemented for closure.

The above six CRM steps should assist you in using CRM sales solution to its fullest potential. Follow them and see your sales target achieved with lightning speed!

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