How Mobile CRM Can Boost Your Field Sales Personnel Performance

A field sales representative has his work cut out for him. He has to visit prospects, do hard pitching, negotiations and travel miles. At the end of a grueling day, he is expected to fill out details of his contacts, leads, deals etc in an obsolete customer relationship management (CRM) system. Thus, instead of enjoying the benefits promised, he is forced to exert maximum efforts, which ideally, should have been done on-the-go. This makes the sales representative loathe adopting CRM which he views as unnecessary task addition.

Mobile CRM as Answer to Field Sales Personnel Problems

The Need:
The reluctance to use CRM solutions can be avoided with the addition of one crucial element; ‘mobility’. Latest CRM offerings have identified the need for mobility for front line executives, incorporating crucial features like anywhere access etc.

Traditional CRM platforms made it almost impossible for sales people to capitalize quickly of information, resulting in loss of time and opportunity. Also, feeding data in to the system is erratic with fewer details. The nature of sales rep job is such that data administration becomes the least of his priorities, in midst of sales targets, deadline pressure. The end result is extreme frustration, unreliable and delayed data, loss of revenue and declining customer satisfaction. All of which are bad harbingers to the organization.

Different Perspective:
Contradict this to the situation of an inside sales personnel. He has volumes of data to work upon and instant access for live modification. They have the social resources to share content and utilize tools for instant update. Thus, they are in the forefront of prospect information and are more effective than on the field sales personnel at many times.  What is the panacea for the information mismatch? This is where mobile CRM comes in play.

Benefits of Mobile CRM:
1. With mobile CRM, field sales personnel can get instant access to product/service/prospect information anywhere and anytime. 

2. Sales reps don’t have to open their bulky laptops anymore to get the latest update/information. They can take advantage of latest technological transformations in the form of sleek tablets and smart phones. 

3. The latest mobile devices double up as call/presentation devices as well, thus providing unmatched convenience as well.

4. With minimum efforts, sales teams can achieve much improved results.

5. Mobile CRM aids in faster deployment of solution updates which gives field sales people a hassle free usage experience.

Sales force automation has advanced so well in recent years, that the enormous benefits offered by it cannot be ignored by companies. It does not matter whether you are a 50 or 500 Employee Company. The advantages of mobile CRM greatly negate the price of implementation. Today, you will find many scalable cloud CRM solutions that offer focused and task-driven.

Companies are changing the business landscape with the help of mobile CRM with the hope that it will transform business, customer engagement and boost sales.

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