Follow These 6 Must Have Techniques to Retain Customers through CRM

Sales always occupy a primary position in a company’s scheme of things. They spend massive amounts of investment to boost sales numbers in the hope to garner the maximum market share. 

However, in the midst of hectic marketing campaign, the vital task of ‘customer retention’ is left unattended. It is very important to retain and nurture existing customers in  an era where customer loyalty is fickle.

Six must have techniques for customer retention:
1. Exceed expectations in the first try
A solid way to retain customers is to create a great impression in the first instance itself, that will demonstrate its commitment to service quality. This will increase the customer’s confidence in your ability to deliver products or services in the best quality possible.

2. Points of difference
With the plethora of brand options available, customers are spoiled for choice. Thus, it is very important for you to regularly stress the points of service differentiators over your competitors. Customers are always on the lookout for key differences that a product or service have over the crowd. A good CRM platform can also be a competitive advantage over your peers. There are many CRM vendors that will fulfill your objectives of customer retention.

3. Value addition

A good business focuses on creating value for the customers in their chosen field. For example, a banking giant will focus on innovating new areas where they can service the customers and not just focus on simple banking. The effort you put in exploring new avenues for value addition will translate into reduced customer churn.

4. Competitor benchmark
Benchmarking against competitors is a good way for motivate yourself for constant innovation and improvement is products and services. When you bench against competition, you create new ways by which you can always stay ahead. This leaves the customers little choice for a switch.

5. Active listening
Listening is actually a two way process, if done correctly. When you actively listen to your customers, you develop a rapport and the customer is confident that his/her grievances and suggestions will be given due attention. They will be unsure of their compatibility with other providers and will think twice before switching loyalties.

6. Identify ‘At risk’ customers
Use your CRM solution to identify customers who are on the verge of abandoning your company. Good marketing automation CRM software will send you real time notification and alerts about customer escalations. In this way, you can approach risky customers and turn on your charm offensive. 

The above six must have techniques will allow you to safeguard your customer share against ever increasing competition.