Why you should gamify your CRM system today?

Virtual games have endeared themselves to hardcore system enthusiasts and even computer novices. It helps stimulation and relaxation at the same time. Thus, the concept of ‘gamification’ in CRM (Customer Relationship Managements) has been gaining currency in recent years. It involves adopting the concepts of gaming in a corporate environment process. It can also incorporates domain functions like HR, marketing, finance and more crucially system implementation like CRM. The concept of ‘fun’ and ‘work’ at the same time has been explored over the decades. But only recently, has it been fully applied for significant gains in marketing, investor attraction and improving corporate productivity.

Why you should gamify your CRM system today?

Four reasons to gamify your CRM system today:

1. Power up morale
For any company to make headway, morale of its productivity team is important. Gamifying your CRM system can work wonders for your employee morale. Some usual examples include incorporating award points, arranging inter department competition series, etc. Such steps can be taken at planned intervals annually. With adaptable CRM architecture, it can be a breeze to add points system in the user interface accessed by different teams. With a clear view on where they stand in the competition, everybody will be motivated to give their best every day.

2. Transparent Communication
In a real gaming environment, players communicate with complete transparency that is without gossip or politics. In the same manner, employing gamification will help in seamlessly transferring information from one end to another without any discrepancies. For example, top CRM vendors have platforms in social media, blogs, forums and feedback area where customers and employees can share their thoughts, opinions and views on latest developments. Project managers and other middle executives can keep track of deployment status, errors and other issues.

3. Data Collection
Data is critical in any business. Companies implement data collections in myriad forms throughout their systems. This data can be used to further enhance the workflow process. Data collection plays an important part in CRM gamification in that the information collected will be crucial in performance reviews and evaluation. Usual games have points or scores awarded to high performing players. In similar lines, the data collected to design reward system can be utilized. Identification of inherent flaws in the existing work process design can translate into higher productivity for your company.

4. Compatibility
Unlike the baby boomer generation, the present one has played some format of games, like mobile, game boxes or online games, at least once every day. They are accustomed to the principles before hand and need not be given extra training. This ensures faster adoption of such principles and concepts. Overheads related to time, training and other delays are avoided. By capturing their undivided attention, you can improve their attentiveness, problem solving skills and competitive spirit. CRM software that run on game concepts offer unmatched skill improvement to your existing employees and a good training platform for future hires.

The above four reasons showcases the power of gamification in CRM implementation. Gamifying your whole workflow will help in increasing the confidence in your business amongst all stake holders. Happy Gaming!!!

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