Wednesday, July 23, 2014

5 Best Lead Management Practices through CRM

You are the star marketer in your organization and are looking for ways to further boost your numbers. You are fully aware of the importance of leads and their optimized utilization. However, to further improve your lead management skills, you have to look out for more ways and best practises to tweak the maximum out of your CRM software. Lead management involves managing and tracking leads that are generated for maximum closure levels. The platform you are using for taking care of leads should give you an accurate and up-to-date status of your leads, with minimal supervision.

5 Best Lead Management Practises through CRM

When HDFC Bank used their customized lead management platforms implemented by CRMnext, they benefited from a 208 percent increase in lead conversion.

So what are the best lead management practices that you can follow to improve your odds of achieving tremendous growth?
1. Follow Up
The one magic word that can bring in instant visible results is constant follow up. That can be in the form of regular calls (at intervals, of course), sending reminder emails etc. Though the importance of follow up has been stated and magnified many times, company sales representatives do not follow up due to lack of time sensitivity or fear of intruding customer privacy. Your sales reps should be adequately trained to make professional follow up calls/emails/visits.

2. Website form submissions
Most websites have the usual contact forms. Top businesses have website form submissions that capture all the relevant details like name, contact details and more importantly industry vertical information. That way, it becomes easier to sort through raw lead data and categorize them for relevant follow up. However, marketing personnel should be adequately informed about sorting spam and other irrelevant information through contact form submissions.

3. Quick responses
A fast response to queries demonstrates your company’s dedication to timely resolutions. This act itself creates immense confidence in the minds of prospective customers. With an agile CRM platform, you can make changes in the lead management system on the fly. Great CRM software which involves code-less architecture enables you to respond to lead queries in a fast and professional manner.  Such good impressions last long.

4. Lead nurturing emails
Lead nurturing emails do the task of nudging leads closer to conversions. It has to be drafted carefully and with due customization. The nurturing email should create awareness about the product; relation to the customer’s need and preferably, free takeaways. Done correctly, such email campaigns can greatly aid your conversion rates.

5. Updated contact sheet
It is very important that you use an updated contact sheet to avoid delays and potentially embarrassing situations. Imagine you are calling up a lead that has shifted or moved up in corporate hierarchy, what kind of image he will have at the back of his mind? Always remember that first impression counts. Undertake regular exercise which involves removing duplicate leads and updating vital contact information.
Thus, the above five practises can make your lead management platform your asset in increasing sales numbers and decreasing lead conversion cycle time.

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