Top 3 Challenges Faced By Sales Reps Today

Top 3 challenges faced by sales reps today
There are many stumbling blocks that a sales reps face in his quest to sell more and increase overall revenue. Identifying these bottlenecks and coming up with accurate solutions is vital for organizational success. Knowing how to deal with a bad situation will help representatives to become more productive.

Let us now understand the top three difficulties faced by sales representatives:
Challenge 1: Inadequate product training Unless and until you teach reps to sell, they will never be able to master the art themselves. Adequate training should be provided at the right time, so that reps can engage better with customers and create better relationship with them. At the onset, they should be taught the importance of selling to the right customer at the right time, closing deals faster, providing best after sales services, listening to the customers carefully, taking their feedback into consideration, etc. Once these things are taken care of, selling will no longer be a tough nut to crack. They will be in a better position to understand customer requirements’ thoroughly and pitch according to their most important needs. Ultimately, it will lead to better understanding between reps and the customers.

Challenge 2:  More time spent on non-sales activities
It’s almost like a one-man show in most of the organizations today, i.e. sales reps or managers have to handle a lot of responsibility. For example, other than focusing on sales and sales related activities, reps have to also take additional responsibilities like monitoring campaigns, filling up long excel sheets, doing other paperwork, making presentations and writing reports; instead of planning and strategizing on how to increase sales and overall revenue. Instead of wasting time, if they plan out and prioritize what is most important and dedicate time accordingly, it will help save a lot of time. At times, the solution lies right under your nose and you waste so much time identifying what can be done to improve things.

Challenge 3: Struggling to get information
Most of the times, sales reps know what kind of target audience to cater to and how to get leads, but due to insufficient information, fast closure of sales becomes difficult. A lot of activities take place between lead acquisition and closure, if all information pertaining to this is not fed in the system. Managers will not be able to track performance and failure. If all information is updated on a regular basis by sales reps, managers can act early if a problem arises.

The noteworthy point is, a cloud CRM software, helps eliminate all these problems faced by sales reps. Through a cloud CRM software, training materials can be provided or stored in a centralized repository. Anyone can access it to gain knowledge and improve performance. Also, information pertaining to leads, opportunities, etc. is stored in one place. This makes accessing important documents during times of crisis, a hassle-free process. Also, responsibilities can be delegated to best employees and the organization can benefit in the long run. 

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