How A Shoe Manufacturing Company Made Huge Profits By Simply Using A CRM Software

Readers, looks like I have fallen in love with the entire concept of building or investing in a cloud CRM software that works marvelous wonders. This is exactly why I am going to start blogging with short stories about how CRM software have entirely changed the way businesses function.

Nicolson, a high end shoe manufacturing company in Europe, had real tough time making money. The owner Mr. James, known for his skills, was frustrated, cause no matter what he tried, he just couldn’t make great sales. He tried a variety of things ranging from importing leather and material from other well-known manufacturers to changing the entire design and pattern of the shoes on a monthly basis, but nothing worked in his favor.

On a cold winter evening, Mr. James met a CRM expert, Mr. Tyson at a barbeque party. They spoke for hours about the trends in the world, fashion, extra-ordinary shoe designs and much more. Disappointed with the way things are going, James told Tyson about the tough time he had making great sales and a lot more money. Now, Tyson’s a guy like me (I mean both of us are in love with the CRM software). Since it was late past midnight, they agreed to meet at a coffee shop the next evening.

The next evening, James was curious to know, what Tyson had to tell him. (I mean who wouldn’t be it was all about making money at the end of the day). The two gentlemen met as decided and Tyson told James about the enormous benefits a CRM solution provides. Implementing a CRM solution would enable James to keep a track on distributors and retailers. It would also help him to maintain all the records of his current and potential customers, through which he would be able to analyze their past purchase pattern and make the right sales pitch.

Also, investing in a CRM solution would help James to strengthen his relationship with the distributors and the retailers. He will also be able to collect feedback from the customers on a monthly basis, which would allow him to improvise on the quality of products. Since all the relevant information will be available on the fly, James will be able to sell better and also provide discounts to existing customers. All in all, having a cloud CRM solution in place would allow him to retain customers and build brand loyalty.

Finally, James realized that the reason behind him not earning profits was not because of the quality of his shoes, its design or pattern. But, the problem lied in planning, strategizing, executing and selling to the right people.

Sounds like a fairy tale with a happy ending? Yes, it definitely is. Tyson, because he could be of some help to his friend and James because (we all know why) he’s been minting a lot of money and earning a lot of name all around the globe!!