3 Magical Tricks to Boost Customer Loyalty

Have you ever imagined running a business without customers? 

Without them, there would be no sales team, no service representatives and ultimately no profits!

Imagine a scenario, wherein your organization has put in a truck load of money to get the best cloud CRM software, products, employees, strategies and services in place. But, how will all this be of any benefit to your organization, if you’re customers are not happy with the quality of service you provide.

The end result will definitely be that in spite of the best customer relationship software, high-end products or services your company provides, the customer will switch to another organization that values them and sells them products on the basis of their requirement and not just as a hard-core selling strategy.

Tricks to boost customer loyalty

Get the three magical tricks to boost customer loyalty below:
#1 Preferred Pricing for Existing Customers:
The trick lies in making the customer feel that they are valued. How about providing a 10% discount once your customers are done shopping? Wouldn't that translate into better customer experience?

The below example can better illustrate it:
A customer walks into a high-end super market. As soon as he is done with his purchase, he stands in the queue to pay his bills. Imagine his surprise, when the cashier tells him, since you are regular, we will give you a 20% discount on your purchase. At that moment, the customer will decide to stay loyal to the supermarket for ever!

#2 Engage on social networking sites:
Facebook and Twitter addiction is on the rise! Let’s say, for the love of music, a customer walked into the nearest Apple store and brought herself a brand new IPod. All the relevant details are taken by the customer facing executive. Hence, when she sees an ad besides her newsfeed in facebook requesting her feedback, she will have only good things and experiences to speak about.

#3 Feedback, Feedback, Feedback:
Feedback is the one magic mantra that can make all the difference in customer experience. It applies everywhere, in a real life scenario and in large or medium sized organizations. Is feedback the only scope of improvisation? No. But, it greatly improves the information exchange and lets you aware of the feel of customers.

Organizations should take the above mentioned practices seriously. Once the product is delivered, they should conduct a detailed survey, through questionnaires or emails, asking the customers what they felt, what are some of the things they need to improve, how has the product helped in serving the customers need, how much do they rate the product on a scale of 1 to 10, etc. This will allow businesses to identify and work on certain areas that need to be improved.

Put these three magical tricks in your to-do list from now until forever and explore the magic yourself with cloud CRM software.