4 Game Changing CRM Features

Over the period that I transitioned from middle to top management in my current organization, I was fortunate to bond and regularly interact with members of my teams in APAC and BRIC countries. These were turbulent times with the impending recession, competitors dropped like flies! Our employees struggled to keep the organization afloat, sacrificing their spare time meant for family and friends to gain a better foothold in the market. Our organization's "Colin Kaepernick" was a CRM solution that the Chief Information Officer or CIO had insisted on implementing regardless of the supposed financial implications during a downturn. She knew it would ensure consistency in our customer strategy and avoid the predicted churn. Our customers were mostly loyal, they advocated our customer-centric products to colleagues, friends, family and acquaintances - we needed to retain them while steadily increasing lead conversions.

4 Game Changing CRM Features
The organization is flourishing now, we implemented a CRM solution seven years ago. A couple of years after the initial CRM go-live, members of many teams felt we should make the software redundant and transition to a new solution. Our CIO upgraded the CRM, "This is when we reap the benefits of collating all the information we require - you've only seen the tip of the iceberg! After implementing a data mining solution, our teams will be equipped with actionable information to increase market penetration and coolly convert double the leads than before with a cross-sell analyzer and competitor dashboards. Our existing CRM data will ensure we are equipped with the data to build better rapport and sustain business relationships."

Without confusing readers from different countries and readers without hands-on CRM experience, I'll outline 3 features that helped my organization improve it's customers' perceptions of our brands and build a strong foundation for new business relationships generated through referrals and social media.

Four game changing CRM features:

1. Dynamic and simplistic CRM user interfaces 
UX is the key, with the right customization tools for creating layouts and adding fields, our customer facing users ensure minimal turnaround time for customer service related queries and complaints. A well designed UI increases the speed with which our users can access information without compromising the quality of data. Our sales team captures all the information required to accurately analyze customer needs and optimize future customer CRM strategies.

2. Social CRM
My marketing and sales teams can monitor and capture directly-to-CRM all posts from Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn with a single click that can generate new leads, pertinent feedback or insights on improving our offerings. Additionally, dashboards facilitate monitoring the impact of newer strategies on prospective and existing customers by analyzing user-generated content.

3. Real-time analytics
My organization's top management continually uses data generated through our CRM solution to study user performance across departments through system and customized reports. When traveling, they are often creating ad hoc reports using the report designer while waiting at a lounge or reception.

4. Objects' Toolboxes 
The CRM solution's customization toolboxes ensure permitted users can hand-pick and configure features that are an intrinsic part of their day-to-day activities to simplify their business operations. Permitted users can customize rules and alerts through the home pages of most objects to ensure each role has access to valid and secure information.

The CRM solution my organization implemented ensures minimal navigation to pull up lead, partner and customer details and reduces the time required to add information for numerous mandatory fields when creating records for existing and prospective customers. I sleep well at night knowing my teams are equipped to comply with our latest strategies. The CRM workflow streamlines the secure distribution of information internally and externally - both employees and customers are happy!