7 Ways to Boost Campaign ROI with a Single Platform Solution for Marketing and Sales

The concept of Marketing has witnessed dramatic changes for the last few years in conjunction with dynamic shifts in the economy. Focus has shifted from conventional means to concepts like Customer Relationships, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Social CRM and the likes - all of which fiercely validate the enthusiasm expressed by ‘marketing’ in new processes and technologies.

CRM solutions with powerful marketing automation increases the effectiveness of marketing and sales. As a consequence, return on investment (ROI) is raised and customer satisfaction levels skyrocket, leading to worthier business dealings in the long run. The sales team is usually dependent on the marketing division to generate leads and assist in product improvements based on inputs from campaigns or surveys. On the other hand, in order to quantify effectiveness of their campaigns, marketing teams need to keep track of successful lead conversions. Efficient collaborations between both teams and additional inputs from customer services provides valuable customer feedback on existing services. This strategic imperative is actualized through integrating the marketing and sales automation component of a CRM solution.

Marketing Automation tools integrated with sales management effectuate focusing on better targeted leads with higher chances of qualification. Being an integrated solution, effective marketing campaigns can be planned and customers are well nurtured to maximise the customer lifecycle value.

Campaign management and optimization

CRM solutions provide campaign management tools for streamlined creation and automation, triggering timely and personalized e-mail/ SMS/ web campaigns becomes easy. Additionally, organized customer data enables better targeting, making campaigns more fruitful. Overall response to marketing campaigns can be monitored and improvised by tracking ROI, click-through and open rates. Brand loyalty is built and inveterate customers are a natural consequence.

Further, ROI on automated campaigns via varied mediums like e-mail blasters, text message campaigns, web capture etc. can be measured with the help of campaign management tools. They also assist in better management of traditional print and fax marketing efforts.

Optimizing lead generation and customer retention through well targeted campaigns and personalized communication is the primary objective of marketing teams. Also, since it is important for organizations to clearly demonstrate campaign ROI, one of the biggest contributions of Marketing Automation is well defined objectives and metrics.

Here’s how a single platform for execution of marketing and sales plays a critical role -
  • Optimized Campaigns can be created after an in-depth analysis of trends and customer needs, thereby generating leads with a higher probability of conversion. 
  • Data mining results can be used to segregate customers. Personalised and dynamic campaigns/offers can be created and surfaced on real-time basis. 
  • Target lists can be generated for e-mails, SMS blasters, printed material, etc. and sent with personalized content. These lists with their related contact details can be collated using dynamic or static mailing lists to reduce time consuming non-core activities. Personalized messages using different mediums can be sent at the right time using auto-populated templates. 
  • Capture Queries and responses through text messages (short codes) and websites can be automatically into the CRM system, enabling classification into hot or cold leads. Feedback from social networks can be pinpointed and captured too. 
  • Associate leads generated automatically with their campaigns to analyze profitability. Assess campaign performance instantly by reviewing expenditure and revenue generated through reports and graphs. A campaign's details page can also be studied for up-to-date information related to its success. Budgets and expenses show a consolidated picture about budgeted cost, campaign cost, actual cost, conversion cost, revenue generated and so on. 
  • Automated reports can be sent to relevant teams in the organization at a specific time on a daily/ weekly basis through a report scheduler to take intelligent decisions. 
  • Deduplicating records generated from campaigns to improve data quality of leads. Easily identify leads that already exist and merge their details or delete outdated record, thereby ensuring data consistency. Customize how to display results for suspect records.
Execute multi-channel campaigns from a single platform

Digital: Prevailing market conditions and customer behavior patterns are responsible for the tilt in advertising from conventional channels like radio, television, and newspapers to digital marketing and the likes.

Almost all consumer-oriented organizations are incorporating digital marketing in their scheme of things and a smaller section of business focused organizations are looking at it as well. Digital marketing includes email and SMS campaigns, web, mobile device marketing and social network marketing.

E-mail: Email campaign engines can be embedded within CRM systems and quality leads can be generated through emails. Marketing personnel can view entire campaigns, their functionalities and progress at one glance. To make sure resources are being wisely spent, responses are tracked and ROI calculated. Template creation becomes easy with formatting tools, image support, merge fields etc. Triggers can be set up to schedule appointments, product promotions, follow ups, registrations and multi-phase campaigns. Email blasts can be created that amalgamate data and contact information based on configured filter criteria, eliminating manual compilation of lists from fragmented documents. Unsubscribe requests can be handled, opt-in and opt-out lists can be effectively managed. Using company servers, limitless mails can be sent free of cost.

Web: MA tools allow lead capture through web forms, which are then imported directly into the company’s CRM system. This optimizes company website’s lead generation capabilities. MA tools help create web forms for online marketing which can be customized using company brand, logo, graphics etc. Automated web marketing helps create customer records and leads generated are assigned automatically to the relevant sales people to increase win ratios. Apart from lead capture, forms can also be used for online surveys and event registration.

A big advantage offered is that searches can be saved in either static or dynamic search catalogs, which can be used for reference in future campaigns.

Mobile: Mobile devices are growing to be foremost access points to the web world in many countries. Understanding its implications, companies are taking serious interest in mobile marketing.

Especially for marketing organizations that need remote access to manage their marketing activities, internal mobile marketing is of utmost importance.

An effective CRM solution also provides short code management to enhance mobile campaigns and generate personalized automated responses.

Social: Social media networks growing at breakneck speed have behooved social media marketing. Brand and reputation building, new product / service proposition testing, company goodwill, monitoring social media channels, marketing campaigns through social networks - all this and more falls under the purview of social media marketing. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are some well known social networking sites, from which MA captures lead/customer information and integrates it with existing data in the CRM system. In the face of current social and marketing predicaments, achieving a holistic view of customers is imperative, and this is what MA accomplishes.
Note: Sometimes, digital and social media marketing is outsourced to external agencies to work on during the initial stages. This is because top management often faces pressure to cut down on marketing time and cost, manage budgets better, generate leads quicker, and effectively quantify performance. Only at a later stage, funds may be re-directed towards campaign and marketing resource management.

The entire marketing process starting from defining objectives moving forward to include segmenting, timelines, metrics, lead capture, communication and follow up, marketing content development and management, examining sales opportunities created and finally measuring ROI - is hugely enhanced with the help of an effective CRM system’s Marketing Automation solution.

MA tools ensure an organization's top management can-
  • Review campaigns with all their pertinent details (as mentioned above). 
  • Study real-time information through a single interface and analyze results using reports or dashboards. 
  • Gain a clearer perspective and quantify results on the basis of specific metrics. It becomes easier to forecast revenues and profits through clear pipeline visibility for new leads and opportunities. A campaign's contributions to the company’s bottom line revenues can also be assessed.
Thus, significantly better ROI can be achieved through a common sales and marketing CRM solution. This can deliver higher and predictable revenues with a sharper focus on customer needs. It minimizes non-core activities and communications become consistent in line with company strategy and branding.

CRM solutions with effective built-in Marketing components serve as icing on the cake by providing an additional value layer in the system.