5 Steps To Build a Great Digital Customer Experience (DCE)

Today, the world is literally at your fingertips. In the rapidly advancing forms of technology, companies need to stand apart from their contemporaries - not just in terms of products, services, or efficiencies, but they also need to work really hard towards providing a fresh and unique overall “experience”, which the customers can visualize having with only that ONE Company. The one thing that Companies cannot afford to do is plateau.

If target audiences are not identified properly, companies will not channelise their energies correctly, and as a result the wrong people are targeted leading to wastage of resources. Also, companies find it difficult to maximize their Digital Customer Experience (DCE) and at the same time achieve their own basic business objectives. Balancing the two is often a challenge, and if while fulfilling one the other is not efficiently achieved then the total plan can fall apart.

Today, most customers are techno-savvy and expect that the product/service companies they are buying from will also move ahead in line to keep up with their expectations by providing a Unique Digital Customer Experience. Also, apart from traditional websites, customers’ reach in the digital world is now branching out to kiosks, tablets, mobile phones, social media and the works. A smart company is one which can tap each and every touch point of the modern digital economy while at the same time keeping the brand image of the company intact. Not to mention this also needs to be aligned with a memorable Digital Experience for the customer himself.

Hence, it is extremely important for Companies to organize their resources so as to provide a superior Digital Experience to customers and offer to them an outstanding experience worth remembering - one which will hold them back from moving on to a rival.

Precept for companies to offer an incredible digital customer experience

Clear vision & strategic priorities:
The Company must know exactly what has to be done & what needs to be offered to the customer to keep him happy. It should be understood that in order to be noticed, you have to either do something which will make you stand apart from the common, or else do the same thing but with a freshness to it. Companies must do all it takes to keep the customer tightly tied to them. Have guidelines and make sure all touch points of the DCE are consistent and managed. Check how to work on the betterment of strategies with passage of time. Identify what processes and systems will be needed to guide and support the intended DCE. 

Know what the customer really values:
By understanding the customers’ concept of a unique experience, customer loyalty & satisfaction is achieved apart from higher profits. Customers should feel more comfortable to connect with the company . Also, make sure to engage in detailed ethnographic and demographic research which will help to design the Digital Experience relevantly. An effective way to generate accurate information is by data mining your CRM solution leads and customer records.

Social Media presence:
The growing loyalty and bent towards social media and other online and digital channels make it a must for companies to have a sharp focus on DE - today, interesting conversations fascinate people more than written or canned communication. 
Content is king:
Television, kiosks, social media, tablets, mobiles, computers, laptops, internet, etc. - see how customers experiences with each of them can be enhanced further. Give your customers interesting information and content which keeps them excited about your product/brand. Offer an extremely engrossing digital experience across every single touch-point and leave them coming back for more. 

Accountability and Monitoring:
Draw a list of projects that aim to improve the customers’ Digital Experience with the company. Is very important to assign KPAs (Key Performance Areas) for the DE and implement a fool-proof solution with related escalations and alerts. The ease and flexibility you provide to the customers to connect should be backed by agile response from the company's side.

Being able to offer the perfect Digital Customer Experience at the right time, and most importantly through appropriate & relevant devices & channels, ensures that an organization’s customers remain with them and become ambassadors. Apart from customer acquisition, retention and loyalty - it also supports company’s offline activities.

A ‘mature’ organization is one which can successfully combine multi-channel customer personalization with true customer focus. DCE should be of high utility and efficiency by assisting people in interacting with the organization as and when they require, help them to achieve tasks and find solutions to any problem they may face.

An outstanding and unique Digital Customer Experience management is essential for the survival of organizations in the economy today, where the virtual and physical worlds are pretty much married. Effective CRM solutions and strategy can ensure that all customer related information from multiple systems and touch points is constantly updated and available for accurate analysis of customer needs, thereby providing the tools for creating an optimal Digital Customer Experience. It can also ensure effective follow-ups for all customer and partner related activities that originate from any one of the multiple channels for communication ensuring a wholesome customer experience.