6 Important Factors to Evaluate When Selecting a CRM Solution

With uncertainties created by consolidations and increasingly similar looking products, the process of selecting a CRM solution has never been more difficult. It is critical to evaluate, both, the product and the solutioning capability of the vendor to match the organisation's vision.
Important factors to evaluate while selecting a CRM solution:

Product Quality
·         Multi-tenant architecture
·         Pure Browser based
·         Scalability benchmark
·         Integration capability
·         Ease of configuration
·         Seamless upgrades
·         Product roadmap
·         Functional features

Business Impact
·         Vision alignment
·         Process improvement
·         KPI measurement matrix
·         Stakeholder buy-in

Implementation Process
·         Requirement validation
·         User involvement
·         Data migration and integration
·         Time to go live

Production Management
·         Security Management
·         Trouble-shooting

Ownership Experience
·         Support Process
·         Training
·         SLAs
·         Guaranteed uptime
·         Client Feedback (Min. 3)

TCO (Over next 3 years)
·         Hardware
·         Bandwidth Requirement
·         Software Licenses/Services (SaaS)
·         Implementation and Training
·         Enhancements
·         Cost of Upgrades
·         AMC

For a detailed evaluation guideline, please email me at rahul.r.sheth@crmnext.com