7 Ways to Improve Customer Experience through Effective Service Management

In today’s era of globalization, superior customer experience is the quintessence for any company and results in building loyalty and trust. Below are 7 easy ways to improve customer experience while reducing the cost of customer service management:

  1. Getting the calls routed as per skill sets or skill based routing (SBR) depending on the customer segment and query is one of the most powerful tools and helps in increasing efficiency by making best use of the capabilities of the team. SBR is a great asset as it lowers the cost of reporting by curtailing the quantity of the amount of evidence to be furnished and even by decreasing uncertainty. It even transmits rapidly and proficiently with the aid of electronic means. 
  2. Creating a personalized IVR experience is advantageous. This means smartly capturing the customers' preferences like language, delivering most of the information without a need to speak with an executive, integration with the backend and core systems to identify the customer from the number he/she is calling from, providing relevant cross sell offers, etc. It mounts consumer gratification through a personal feel and even helps in achieving fresh deals and marketing networks. 
  3. Implementing an effective CRM solution to ensure optimal productivity during calls by giving agents access to relevant customer information and related activities. Also, ensuring quick responses to complaints and service requests through the CRM software’s centralized data, thereby facilitating better prospects for cross-selling and reducing running costs with an effective management. 
  4. Using the mobile medium for almost all interactions as it is preferred by today’s generations, it creates unique and positive experiences for customers by blending attributes of products, service, brand, and communication. 
  5. IP convergence which enables having all business critical data on a single platform like voice, email and other customer related information. Convergence is about reducing business costs by incorporating voice and data communications onto a single network infrastructure. 
  6. Personal information safety is one of the utmost concerns of customers. It is essential to develop a strategic plan through comprehensive risk assessment analysis and roadmap which could identify threats and mitigate the risks arising from the misuse of personal information of the customers. 
  7. Core benchmarking to be applied for reduction in cost per resolution of every query. It is a constructive tool for enhancing the strength of any firm if used realistically.
To optimize the performance of call center executives it is important to ensure they have confidence in their tools and access to customer information. Good customer service yields improved customer experience and better opportunities to understand customer needs, using a smart service management solution will facilitate this strategic imperative.