Customer Self Service enriches Customer Experience

‘Customer self service’ is an emerging trend in customer service management that has several advantages when integrated with an effective CRM solution. Consumers are eager to use an online interface when it provides a better experience and increases efficiency. Companies provide “self service customer portals” for key marketing, sales and support activities which can be viewed, updated and analyzed in real time through a CRM software. This radically improves customer experience by allowing instant access to solutions and maintains accuracy of information shared by consumers related to products, services and feedback.

Self-service customer portals directly impact the performance of an organization, some key points:
  • Reduction in the number of inbound support calls by offering a self-service environment. 
  • Solutions for customers are shared through FAQs and the products’ knowledge base. 
  • Customers can update account information and create new opportunities or cases without an intermediary. 
  • Greater clarity in service requests and queries created by customers through customized user interfaces. 
  • Better understanding of customer needs. 
  • Automated assignments, escalations and alerts for customers’ inputs to improve follow-ups. 
  • Reduction in the costs of service delivery.
Customers expect robust self service options such as product comparisons, accessing and updating account information, signing up for promotions or changing service packages. To encourage customers to use a self-service portal and increase ROI (return on investment), it must incorporate the following:
  • Creating or searching for information should be quick. 
  • Data entered by customers should be secure. 
  • Tasks should be simple to create and track. 
  • Increased efficiency for transactions. 
  • Information for customers should be reliable. 
  • Accessibility through any popular web-enabled device. 
  • Consistent information regardless of channel. 
  • Dropdowns and pick lists to ensure consistency and make interfaces user friendly.
Competition keeps growing - increasing the probability of customer churn, no margin of error can be left when it comes to attracting and retaining high-value customers. Balancing business, customer and operational needs to design a good self service strategy will provide the greatest long-term benefit for the company and its growth. A well designed self service customer portal is an integral part of customer service management which ensures clarity for customer needs and solidifies loyalty.