Service in CRM: Does Your Case Management Have a Six Pack?

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We derive body strength from our core. A six pack is not just great to have and look at, but it also serves as a vital stabilizer for our upper and lower body.

Your service is the core of your business. It's quality helps attract, retain customers and promote brand advocacy. Does your case management, through which you deliver delightful customer service, have the below six packs?

CRM Tips: Making Customers the Directors of Business Experience

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What does Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg and Quentin Tarantino have in common? A massive fan craze by directing great movies that leave an indelible experience.

How can your business achieve the same level of zealous customers and dodge the competition? Simple. Make customers the directors of your business experience. Explore how.

The Three Musketeers for Expanding Sales Through CRM

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Want to make your business a dominant force in the industry?

Employ the services of the three musketeers: Predictive Analytics, Algorithmic Automation and Virtual Assistants. They help enhance sales process execution through automation, thus exceeding business targets.

CRM in Banking: Immortalize Profitable Customer Engagement

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From the time banks was run as a science, sales and marketing were considered the Kings that brought over business profits.

Today, customer engagement rules over both of them in delivering consistent banking profits and growth. How can you immortalize profits from customer engagement after you seal a deal?

CRM Tips: 3 Fresh Steps to Increase Sales in Financial Services

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Financial services industry are always on the lookout for fresh ways to amplify their mojo. After all, higher sales translate to bigger margins, improved balance sheet and higher stakeholder returns.  

They are in luck with CRM solutions