CRM in Financial Services: Breaking Bad Customer Journeys

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A journey is synonymous with finding meaning. You should use your CRM platform to design captive journeys that enable prospects to find meaningful resolution to their needs.

Simply put, a customer journey is targeted interaction between business and prospects or customers. It can make a purchase experience memorable or disastrous. How to make it the former one? Read on to find out. 

CRM Tips: Press POWER Button for Faster Go to Market Products and Services

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The ultimate dream of a business is to be Usain Bolt in introducing new products and services.To become so fast that competitors are left behind biting the dust.

Lifting off your products and services at that speed may be possible, thanks to CRM platform. Just press the POWER button below to design strategies that result in faster time to market, quick operations and quicker profits.

Insurance CRM: Dail 'I' for Intelligence Against Competition

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Selling insurance is not for the faint-hearted. Low commissions, distrustful customers, blocked cold calls etc. are some of the many ills plaguing this industry.

Top it up with digital disruption in insurance bought about by fintech, giving rise to nimble competition. So how can insurance firms safeguard against the rising competition? Simple, by dialing 'I' for intelligence.

Top 3 Focus Areas for an Impactful CRM Technology

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If only there was a Nobel Prize for CRM technology, you could have easily sorted out the best from the rest.

CRM products are dime a dozen. But do you want to invest your hard fought resources in a plain product used by every tom, dick and harry business or...

A product that guarantees an delightful journey for your customers, delivering an impact to your business. 

For that happen, you need a CRM technology that focus on three main areas of disruption, growth and sustainability. Let's delve deeper in each one of them.

CRM Tips: Increase Sales with Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis, increase sales, CRM solutions

Every company wants to put their sales on fire. But the unknown attribute of fickle customer preferences often throttle it. That's when predictive analysis comes into play, by making the unknown known.

Many businesses ranging from retail to banking are using predictive analytics to increase sales and maximize their profits. As the name goes, predictive analytics involves making predictions based on concrete data, not gut feeling. So, how can you use predictive analytics to increase sales? Read on to learn more.