Customer Service CRM : 5 Stairs to Step up Loyalty

A great loyalty management system not only ensure that customers feel appreciated, but also increase revenue generation in the long run.

Just announcing a loyalty program will, no doubt, generate great attention; value from such programs may be harder to extract. It is therefore necessary for firms to focus on effective loyalty programs that will leave a lasting impression on the consumers. 

CRM solutions can be used to improve the effectiveness of these loyalty programs and improve customer satisfaction. How? Read on.

CRM in Customer Service: Customer Obsession as a Culture

CRM in Customer Service: Customer obsession as a culture

Businesses today are becoming more obsessed with managing their clients or customers loyalty better than competitors. It does not matter whether your business is small or large, customer retention is the crucial thing for its survival.

Civil War in Banking CRM: Digital Channels Versus Physical Branches

Civil War in Banking CRM: Digital Channels Versus Physical Branches
'Captain America: Civil War' releases on May 6th and has already generated waves of box office breaking anticipations. But are you aware of a different (bloodless, but packed with action) civil war going on in the banking sector? The war between digital channels and physical branches.

Customer Delights Through CRM: Its the Small Things That Matter

Jim logged in to Vodafone portal to recharge his mobile data pack. Unknowingly, in haste, he recharged the wrong number and waited for pack activation. Hours passed. Exasperated, he got in touch with Vodafone customer care via social media. 

An executive duly acknowledged his tweet and assured him that his matter was looked into. 

Half an hour later, Jim receives a call from the executive who, instead of berating him, explains what happened and tells that the whole amount was credited back to his balance. All this without Jim needing to share his details again and again. Needless to say, Vodafone stayed on Jim's list of preferred brands. 

In the past few decades, grounded doctrines have been formulated aimed at enhancing customer relationships and customer experience across the many spheres of business. These tenets, however, have become obsolete as the modern world continues to be more complex and intricate. The ever-changing circumstances have led to the need for deep and stronger customer relationships that go beyond product or service delivery.

CRM in BFSI: Marching on the Disruptive Path

A global revolution is taking place. It is bloodless, logical and more importantly, embraced by everyone. Including the ones it is deposing. Welcome to the new normal of digital disruption.

Mobile and internet technology are transforming economies across the world. The digital adoption is rising and is only expected to leapfrog in the coming years.