Renew Customer Intimacy : 10 Customer Service Vows to Take This Valentine

You may be heady with plans to sprinkle your special half with extra love this Valentine, but what about your customers? 

Re-affirm your commitment to deliver delightful customer service with these 10 vows. 

CRMNEXT INCEPTION 2016: A Monumental Event Heralding Digital CRM

In the quest for Digital CRM supremacy, CRMNEXT, with INCEPTION 2016, has turned out to be superiore among incumbents.

For Your Tech to Be Digital-Centric, Your CRM Should Be Human-Centric

We saw how, for your business to be profitable, your team should be customer-centric and for your team be customer-centric, your tech should be digital-centric. But powerful as they seem to be in themselves, it isn't enough to complete the digital puzzle. Because in the end, For your tech to be digital-centric, your CRM should be human-centric.

For Your Team to Be Customer-Centric, Your Tech Should Be Digital-Centric

In our previous post, we learned that  for your business to be profitable, your team should be customer-centric. But does that alone complete the digital CRM puzzle? No.

If its not about reinventing processes, then its not innovation. If it’s not process innovation, then you’re not digitalizing your business – its all cosmetic and short-lived.

For Your Business to Be Profitable, Your Team Should Be Customer-Centric

To attract more customers to your business, you play around with different strategies and tools. And one of them is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. Experts and pundits ranging from CXOs to research bodies have written countless odes to its business effectiveness and hailed it as the nucleus of untold business growth.

But you know that it is just one part of the whole business growth puzzle that can be solved by asking the right questions. The most important one of which is 'Is it customer centric'?