Apply AI in CRM to Magnify Customer Experience

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Businesses are intensely meditating on the term 'customer experience'. What makes 'customer experience' crucial?

Retaining customers is the primal goal of businesses. The law of business jungle states that higher the retention rates, greater the chances of survival.

The ability of your business to deliver delightful customer experience at every interaction, be it via a marketing campaign, contact center call, notification etc. makes or breaks customer loyalty. A great business reads the data and takes intelligent decisions to magnify customer experience.

Banking CRM: Re-Calibrate Your Service Strategy

CRM Solutions, CRM software, Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is something earned, not produced on demand. 

The best way to earn it is by delivering the finest customer service in banking, by re-calibrating your service strategy. Here's how.

CRM Tips: 5 Indispensable Customer Loyalty Lessons to Help Your Business Thrive

CRM Solutions, CRM software, Customer Loyalty

Two, four, six, eight..don't let your customers alienate.

This is the haiku sung by businesses, in today's age of intense competition for customer eyeballs and wallets. But, ensuring loyalty of the customer is steeper than Baldwin Street.

Here are five key lessons that will make the climb easier and help your business thrive.

Financial CRM: Engineering a Loan Revolution

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A loan gives wings to dreams, solves problems and provides a safety net. 

But, the life of a lender is tough. 


Insurance CRM: Apply AI to Transform from an Agent to a Trusted Expert

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Maya is the perfect insurance agent. 

She has the highest satisfaction ratings from customers, instinctively senses their moods and offers relevant conversations, helps them buy or cancel or upgrade policies and empowers her colleagues to settle most of the claims in three seconds.