Financial Services CRM: How Can Securities Firms Offer Better Value Added Services?

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Imagine a world where financial securities rake in money just by their core offerings. Having trouble? Don't blame yourself. 

The never ending train of tough regulations, weak economic environment, low investor appetite are hammering profit margins like never before. Customers are minutely checking additional fees which were passed up on high returns. In this gloomy situation, what option does financial securities firms have to damn recession and brighten their day?

CRM Tips: Six Benefits of Customer Lifecycle Value for Businesses

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State-of-art technology, employing the best teams and management, deploying innovative marketing approach, you might be forgiven in thinking that this is all what it takes to succeed in your business. Except, you are missing one key ingredient. Understanding Customer Lifecycle Value (CLV) and using its benefits.

Companies are increasingly adopting customer lifecycle value to develop better products to stay ahead of the competition. So what is CLV? To put it simply, it predicts the value of a client relative to the company's net profit. Assisting companies in adopting a more customer-centric approach, CLV, analyzed through CRM solutions, also enables businesses to channel their marketing efforts to enhance customer experience and improve cross selling.

How Can Banks Get Competitive with CRM?

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The status quo held dearly in the banking industry is changing thanks to digital disruptions. Banks are being asked by their stakeholders (including nations) to get lean and mean to counter competition. A health of a bank is reflective of a country's economic performance. 

Instead of ducking and dodging competition, banks should devise new signature moves to be competitive. Here are some fundamentals that should be addressed to improve the competitive position of banks in the evolving financial services of today.

Banking CRM: Lessons from The Bangladesh Heist

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When USD 101 million were stolen from the central bank of Bangladesh in February 2016, the whole world paid attention. The enormity of the heist deepened when it was revealed that the actual target was  USD 1 billion. It was a clear demonstration of the enormous threat of cyber attacks to disrupt banking services, be it of an individual private bank or that of a sovereign country.

Retail Banking CRM: Playing the Digital Card

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The retail banking industry is increasingly feeling the pinch of stringent financial reforms, economic crisis and more devastatingly, digital fin-tech innovation. 
In response, retail banks and other financial institutions have been rolling out a wide array of initiatives on new digital technologies. All in the hopes of enhancing fundamental interaction with their customers. Interactions that result in delightful engagement.