Insurance CRM: Apply AI to Transform from an Agent to a Trusted Expert

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Maya is the perfect insurance agent. 

She has the highest satisfaction ratings from customers, instinctively senses their moods and offers relevant conversations, helps them buy or cancel or upgrade policies and empowers her colleagues to settle most of the claims in three seconds.

Financial CRM: Engineering a Loan Revolution

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A loan gives wings to dreams, solves problems and provides a safety net. 

But, the life of a lender is tough. 


Insurance CRM: How to Lead in Digital Transformation, Engagement and Experience

CRM Solutions, Insurance CRM, CRM software, digital transformation

The average lifespan of top insurance companies in S&P 500 is getting shorter and shorter every year.

Traditional business models that focus on agents and distributors are getting battered with disruptive end to end digital journeys. And rightly so. Anyone, meeting pre-requisites, can buy a tailored insurance with a few clicks. With a lower premium thrown in too. 

How can insurers stay relevant and more importantly, lead in digital transformation, engagement, and experience? By focusing on the following fundamentals in insurance CRM

Banking CRM: Go Digital, Be Invincible

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Legacy systems of traditional banks are unpacking tensions for the top management.

While customers and competition are flying to the digital age and beyond, they are stuck back in the analog age. But the story is changing. Terrified of the fate that befell Blockbuster(Netflix), Nokia (Android), Taxi Services (Uber), Yahoo (Google), they are on the lookout for a way to remove the sting from the attacks of digital financial disruptors.

Cover These 4 CRM Implementation Bases for a Successful Go Live

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Winning customers is an all year game. 

But whether you retain your 'Customer's Champ' trophy depends on how successfully you implement a CRM solution

Below are the four CRM implementation bases that you need to cover for a successful go live.