5 Delightful Results You Can Get by Turning on CRM

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You have waited for this moment, that is the result of months of hunting for the right CRM vendor, finalizing the chosen one, drilling down requirement gathering hassles, sticking to delivery timelines that would put even monks to shame. The go live date.

Now that your CRM solution is active, what can you expect in the coming months? The below listed rewards.

CRM Tips: What role does digital play in sales and marketing?

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Migrations to brighter pastures are now not just limited to Mother Nature. 

Businesses are increasingly migrating from 'Physical' to 'Digital' to connect with customers. Why? The below snapshot will answer your question.

Six Hallmarks of a Great CRM Solution

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The customer is the core of your business.

This makes CRM, your catalyst for business success. It's simple to use interface backed by powerful algorithms makes it easier to run your business and develop active engagement with your customers. 

Here are the six hallmarks of an effective CRM software, for your business.

CRM Tips: How Bad Data Affects Your Business and What You Can Do Minimize Damage

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Data today has literally become the blood that gives life to businesses. But just like blood, bad data can turn cancerous for your business.

Companies use data in two significant ways, and they include carrying out transaction or operational activities and analytic purposes, particularly in CRM solutionsBoth usages rely on the quality of the data. The data should be of sufficient quantity and quality to meet the needs of the organization.

Insurance CRM : The Future is Here

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Think insurance and the most probable picture that comes to your mind is an agent trying hard to convince you why that expensive premium is worth it. The reality in future (and increasingly now) will be different.  

Insurers are migrating from 'real' personal relationships to 'virtual' personal relationships to establish, retain and manage customers.