Retail Banking CRM: Playing the Digital Card

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The retail banking industry is increasingly feeling the pinch of stringent financial reforms, economic crisis and more devastatingly, digital fin-tech innovation. 
In response, retail banks and other financial institutions have been rolling out a wide array of initiatives on new digital technologies. All in the hopes of enhancing fundamental interaction with their customers. Interactions that result in delightful engagement.

CRM Tips: Increase Sales, Not Costs

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The best reward to an entrepreneur is profit. And how do you get one? By maximizing sales while minimizing overhead costs such as production and marketing costs, with the help of a sales CRM. 

Many managers have turned to advertising in order to increase their sales but what they have not realized is that there are  ways in which you can increase the sales without spending much on advertising. This post will highlight some of the ways that can be employed to increase the sales without increasing the company’s overheads.

CRM Tips: Use Analytics to Find out New Market Opportunities

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Not much is going on in the way of businesses these days. In these tumultuous economic conditions, most of them are struggling to stay profitable and competitive.

But there are certain technology painkillers at the disposal of businesses. Failure to utilize them, may make a business fall behind their competition. One of the important med is CRM analytics. Business processes are inherently complex. CRM analytics helps to make it very simple to understand and execute actions planned therein. They enable business owners to be able to make fast and informed decisions about their customers. Apart from this, it is a useful tool for recognizing new market opportunities. Below are some of the ways:

Banking CRM: Unboxing 'Assisted Bank-in-a-Box'

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In today’s competitive banking sector, fintech startups and non-banking financial institutions (NBFCs), looking to be the next banking upstart, are increasingly embracing the use of integrated technologies and solutions. The end vision is to achieve a competitive advantage by providing exceptional customer service and differentiated experience to their customers. The increased interest is being prompted by new banking formats, regulatory requirements, customer expectations and increased competition. The new banks are working towards providing faster services, quicker response and lower costs by leveraging technology for automating operational processes.

CRM Tips: Empower Your Customers to Serve Themselves

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Customers simply want to get solutions to their problems promptly without having to contact the business over and over. And without them explaining their issues repeatedly. But as important as online self-service is, there are still lots of companies that continue to see online self-service as just a medium of convenience rather than see it as a strategic asset to help them boost their reputation and goodwill.