Cover These 4 CRM Implementation Bases for a Successful Go Live

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Winning customers is an all year game. 

But whether you retain your 'Customer's Champ' trophy depends on how successful you can implement a CRM software

Below are the four CRM implementation bases that you need to cover for a successful go live.

CRM Tips: How to Win the Game of Customer Loyalty

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Empires may fall in centuries, but customer loyalty falls in seconds.

How can you go beyond customer management and truly engage to win the game of loyalty?

Read on to find out.

6 CRM Areas to Focus on for Guaranteeing Blockbuster Results

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The CRM industry is expected to jump beyond US$ 36 Billion in valuation.

It entered the life of a business in the 1980s as a Rolodex, migrated to excel sheets, transformed into a single platform digital CRM solution and is now available on wrists. What a journey!

CRM in Retail Banking: Why Empathy Is the New Currency

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2017 is well on its way to becoming the hottest year on record. And John was feeling the heat big time.

The hot weather demanded that cooling devices be kept on round the clock, gulping power like never before. The result? John was presented a whopping power bill at the end of the month. This bill, along with other family expenses, severely strained his cash flow.

CRM in Financial Services: Powering up Analytics with Big Data

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Your online activity generates 1.7 MB of data every sec. 

Multiply this with billions of users and you get an idea of the immense (putting it mildly) big data generated every day.