Friday, January 23, 2015

How to Motivate Your Customer Service Executives with Ease through CRM

You have put in practices that claim to guarantee great customer engagement. But, surprisingly, the customer satisfaction numbers are in steady decline. You are scratching your head to find out why!

Customer  engagement practices are great, but..

What about engagement with your customer service executive?

In a global management survey conducted in 2014, 40% customer service executives said they were not adequately appreciated for their efforts. A whopping 77% of them suggested that they would work harder if they were rewarded and motivated more.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How Digital Self Service Platform Can Win Customer Loyalty

How Digital Self Service Platform Can Win Customer Loyalty

From being  a mere tool of convenience, digital self service portals have transformed into a strategic asset that can help increase an organization’s growth, reputation and goodwill to new heights.

How can you as a brand promote them and boost customer satisfaction?

Monday, January 5, 2015

Amazing Ways CRM Solutions Can Help to Solve Business Communication Problems

solving communication problems through CRM
Customer relationship management (CRM) helps companies to avoid
communication gaps to both internal and external stakeholders.

Consider the following two scenarios:

Nightmarish Business Communication...
Sandy orders a laptop from an online retailer that promises to deliver it on the next day. However, after the promised deadline, he still hasn’t got to enjoy his new laptop. He has no status updates, no delay notification and ends up calling customer care, which is equally clueless. The customer care exec has no communication mechanism with the shipping agency.

Fabulous Business Communication...
Same purchase, but the retailer now has cloud CRM. After ordering the laptop, Sandy gets a mobile notification stating how long it will take to deliver. The customer care executive gets real time updates and alerts from the shipping company, which he duly logs in the system. In the case of unanticipated delays, he can directly call Sandy to inform the same.