4 Pills to Strengthen Customer Relationships in Financial Services

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Every silver lining has a cloud. After a decade of economic, financial services industry is reaping profits again. But customer trust? not so much. Instead, trust in a financial service, be it banking, insurance, wealth management is at an all time low. 

What treatment can be done to better the scenario? Here are four pills that if taken regularly enhance customer relationships in financial services.

CRM Tips: Ignore These 5 Customer Thoughts at Your Own Risk

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Customer profiling is the fad these days. Gathering intelligence  through their action, interaction, online and offline behavior in order to predict their next move is fine. But, what about their thoughts?

The 5 Pillars of a Strong CRM Architecture

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Bringing profits into a business requires five spocks of a breakthrough product, time, efforts, money and customers. CRM is an integrated bolt that holds these spocks intact.

CRM solutions tracks opportunities, optimizes sales activities and closes the deals faster.It automates routine processes,predict customer behavior better than Nostradamus and keeps business processes streamlined. To do that, it needs a strong architecture works in the back-end. So what are the five pillars that supports a strong CRM architecture? Read on to find out.

CRM Tips: 3 Factors That Are Driving Disruption in the BFSI Sector

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The relentless advance of technology in creating, gathering and harnessing big data is opening up new frontiers in the banking, financial services and insurance industry. It doesn't take much time these days to convert a prophecy to reality. The digital revolution has created new economic and business models wherein your biggest customer now has the potential to become your biggest rival. 

Services and apps to deliver quick, convenient and cheap financial services through fintech tools are on the rise. Tools like CRM for financial services.

CRM Tips: Ride These 6 Digital Waves to Glide over Competition

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Fast moving disruptions are creating new economies and transforming experiences on a never before scale. And these disruptions are coming in the form of digital waves that upheave and destroy traditional barriers that hinder business and customer growth in value. 

You need to ride these waves to glide over the competition.