CRM Tips: 3 Fresh Steps to Increase Sales in Financial Services

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Financial services industry are always on the lookout for fresh ways to amplify their mojo. After all, higher sales translate to bigger margins, improved balance sheet and higher stakeholder returns.  

They are in luck with CRM solutions

4 Components of a Successful Enterprise CRM Strategy and Execution

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Enterprise CRM implementations are usually wild west ventures.

The script is worryingly familiar. Countless manual hours gathering requirements, haggling over budgets, balancing different stakeholder agendas etc with no direction. For your enterprise CRM implementation project to deliver business results, you need four important components, as listed below.

CRM Tips: Use Social Media to Kick off Your Customer Journeys

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Well begun is half done.

This is true for a game, a project or customer journey. A great start is needed for your customer journey in order to guaranteed higher conversions. And social media is the right tool to achieve it.

CRM in Banking: Driving Business Growth with Fintech

Banking CRM, CRM Solutions, CRM software, Fintech
It is amazing how quickly enemies can become friends. 

A couple of years ago, the finance industry was enamored by the rise of 'fintech'. Experts were writing obituaries for traditional banks as customers were seen flocking to the rising fintech stars due to convenient banking without barriers.

Today, in 2017, the script has changed. The talk is now about how fintech and traditional banks complement each other. One cannot grow without the other. The industry is realizing that fintech delivers digital capabilities that unlock a bank's digital transformation and traditional banks provide the heft and depth required for successful fintech operations.

CRM in Financial Services: Breaking Bad Customer Journeys

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A journey is synonymous with finding meaning. You should use your CRM platform to design captive journeys that enable prospects to find meaningful resolution to their needs.

Simply put, a customer journey is targeted interaction between business and prospects or customers. It can make a purchase experience memorable or disastrous. How to make it the former one? Read on to find out.