CRM in Banking: Embed Customer Insights into Your Business Strategy

A typical boardroom type meeting will have the Chairman, CXOs and other important stakeholders. Lately though, a new participant has arrived. A Customer Insight Expert. 

Businesses are increasingly realizing that strategies should not only focus on the corporate aspect of a business but also the market. One way of market inclusion is by integrating customer insights into your business strategy. You can achieve that by collecting, analyzing and integrating customer insight form data collected over the course of your customer engagement.

CRM for Financial Services: The 3 Mileposts of Customer Discovery Journey

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” 
                                            ― Theodore Roosevelt

A leading auto finance company, though considered a pioneer in its industry, the company is facing a host of challenges such as intense competition, maturing market, and increasing costs. This left the firm struggling to retain its regular and high paying customers. 

So how did they embark on the journey to 'discover' their customers? Read on to find out.

CRM in Banking: Developing Customer Experience as a Strategy

CRM in Banking: Developing Customer Experience as a Strategy
Customer experience is the latest banner held aloft by brands to define their businesses. Visitors to any touchpoints, especially in banking sector, are bombarded for flyers, ads etc. on why the particular bank can only offer a delightful 'experience'. So, What's the big deal about 'customer experience' and why are banks gung-ho about using it as a strategy?

Social CRM: A Versatile Workforce Productivity Tool

Social CRM: A Versatile Workforce Productivity Tool

Any great manager worth his salt will tell you that their greatest business asset is good relationship with their customers. While this is true, focusing only on customers while ignoring your workforce will only create gaps through which troubles march in. Use Social CRM to plug the gaps.

With dramatic reach of mobile and web communication technology, many businesses have turned to the use of social media tools and services to effectively engage with their customers and workforce at the same time. Social CRM used in fully networked companies has been proven to be a catalyst for product development, marketing and customer service.