5 Pillars of Digital Insurance CRM Success

5 Pillars of Digital Insurance CRM Success
The word ‘Insurance’ is derived from the Anglo-French word ‘Enseurer’ which means protection against significant risks, in lieu of payment. Sounds noble enough?

Unfortunately, the way contemporary insurance companies handle their trade makes customers wary of insurance and gives the business an aura of notoriety. Hence, insurance penetration levels are at an abysmal 3.9 % of world population, especially in developing countries where robust insurance mechanisms are vital.

Vietnam Says Chào Bạn to Digital CRM at VRBF 2015 by IDG

Vietnam, since long, has been synonymous with a bloody Cold-War era proxy battle between the North and South. Today though, it has a very distinct identity carved out of economic reforms. The reforms that are propelling it towards economic growth rivaling that of developed nations.

CRM Tips: 4 Steps to Make Your Business Ready for a Digital Future

7 Sparks to Ignite Customer Passion through Digital CRM
If you keep track of business ups and downs, you must familiar with the Nokia story, the one that did not end in a fairy tale ending. If not, here it is in a nutshell. Nokia, the ex-mobile giant that once commanded a staggering 70% market share fell from its pedestal to abysmal single digits in a matter of years. How? By failing to stay tuned to changing trends (rise of smart phones). You don’t want your precious business to go that route, do you?

The Future of Digital Dawns on Indonesia

‘Bersakit-sakit dahulu bersenang-senang kemudian (You got to lose, to know how to win).’ – Ancient Indonesian Proverb

Indonesia, the largest economy in South East Asia, now has a chance to come out of gloomy economic forecasts (PWC expects it to dip 4.7% in 2015) and fire up its business growth engine. How? Lose (decommission) “Legacy CRM” systems and usher in True Digital with CRMNEXT.