Sales CRM: 4 Boosters to Close Deals Faster

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Selling with the speed of a Japanese bullet train and regularity of a German express train is the wishlist of every sales professional. Convert yours into a reality with the help of a sales CRM.

It can improve your company’s sales efficiency. Putting it bluntly, you’ll be able to capture qualified leads, convert more leads into sales, and improve your sales forecast accuracy. A CRM application can boost your company’s sales figures in the region of 30% or more, if implemented correctly. 

Find the four boosters that you can use with the help of CRM software to improve your sales potential.

Banking CRM: Are You Using These 4 Critical Metrics to Measure Customer Loyalty?

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A micro-financing firm in Asia, having recently got a banking license, was looking to enter the sector in a big way. Their current operations were going smoothly and their balance sheet looked firm. However, this was not a cause for cheer. The firm had no idea how loyal their current customers where. Searching for the correct metrics for guidance, they found that it's a wild west when it comes to measuring customer loyalty in the financial industry. Different 'experts' had different notions as to what the perfect metrics were. No wonder the firm was struggling to get a direction.

4 Red Flags That Yell You Are Not Ready for CRM

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the art of business interaction with customers. 

To prove CRM as good as its potential, you need to find out whether your business and CRM solutions are the right match. There could be instances where your company is not ready to implement CRM. Find the four major flags listed below...

CRM in Banking: Deliver Consistent Customer Experience Through Your Call Center

CRM in Banking: Deliver Consistent Customer Experience Through Your Call Center

A leading bank was facing headwinds in customer satisfaction surveys thanks to dismal service by their service centers. Online media was abound with tales of customers who had the misfortune of dealing with their customer service department. Striving to reverse the image slide, they peered over departmental functions. They found that as high as 75% customers reported that the agents played football with their problems. Agent to agent transfer with no process visibility hampered resolution times. As a result, the firm's net promoter score was a dismal 30% with customer fast switching providers. The message to the bank was clear: Improve (drastically) or be history.

Sales CRM: 5 Annoying Sales Talk to Avoid (and What You Can Say Instead)

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Sales talk is not about a sales person, nor of his product/service. 

It is about the customer. 

It is about using the right words that help brings the prospect closer towards conversion.

The following is a list of five phrases that should never leave the mouth of any self-respecting sales person.